What Parents Need to Do

YOU are the single most important factor that will determine how successful your son will be in Scouting! If you want your son to reap the benefits Scouting offers, you need to join Scouting with your son, either as a uniformed leader or as an active member of the troop committee. Scouts whose parents were actively involved attended more than twice the number of activities and attained more than twice the rank of Scouts with less-involved parents (and 90% of our Eagle Scouts have come from the 40% of our parents who have been most active). For these reasons, parent involvement is expected with the registration of your son into Troop 443. Being involved takes time and effort, but it’s also FUN!

Parents’ Jobs

It takes the active involvement of every family to make our active troop successful. Our troop needs parental involvement to ensure success of the program and a full and rewarding scouting experience for your son. It's challenging, it's fun, and your son will reap the rewards of your involvement.

Thanks on behalf of all our Scouts.

The following is a short list of the positions, responsibilities, jobs and opportunities to help your children and those of your community:

Uniformed Adult Leaders:

      • Scoutmaster
      • Assist. Scoutmaster/New Scout Leader/Venture Leader
      • Attend over 50% of troop meetings/outings in uniform

Direct Support:

      • Boy Scout Leader Basic Training
      • Board of Review Member
      • Winter Campout Adult
      • Non-winter Campout Adult
      • Summer Camp Adult
      • Annual Trek Adult
      • Scout-Merit Badge Counseling

Troop Committee:

      • Chairman
      • Treasurer
      • Advancement Chairman
      • Outdoor/Activities Chairman
      • Secretary / Website
      • Quartermaster/Inventory
      • Fundraising Chairman

Troop Sub-Committee:

      • Board of Review
      • Publicity
      • Pancake Breakfast Coordinator
      • Scottish Games Water Sales & Parking Coordinator
      • Service Project Coordinator
      • Apparel Coordinator
      • Potluck Suppers/Refreshments for Court of Honors

All it takes is an application and Youth Protect. Additional required training depends on desired position. Most position training can be done online.

    • Donations
    • Nut & Wreath Sales
    • Butter Braid Sales
    • Chartered Representative
    • Unit Commissioner
    • attend over 50% of committee meetings