Advancement and Merit Badges

How Scouts Advance

Boy Scout advancement requires much individual effort and initiative on the individual scout. Advancement emphasizes leadership and service as much as merit badges and scout skills.

A Boy Scout has almost total control over his own advancement, which he will do mostly on an individual basis with senior Scouts and with a number of different adults.within a year. And becoming an Eagle Scout is a crowning achievement of youth earned by fewer than 4% of all Scouts.

Advancement requirements start on Handbook page 438 (See below). To advance, a Scout must be active, must do his best to live by the Scout Law and Oath.

The Scout Promise, practice leadership, give service to others, learn Scout skills (mostly in the outdoors), and earn merit badges (primarily from adult counselors other than his parents). After completing all requirements for a rank, a Scout meets with one of the uniformed adult leaders in a "Scoutmaster Conference." Finally, he schedules a Board of Review with the Advancement Chair.

What can you do to help your son take full advantage of the Boy Scout Advancement method? Make sure your son attends our meetings, camps, outings and summer camp! Offer encouragement and support. Know what your son needs for his next rank. Be active in Scouting with him, and strongly encourage him to attend as many Scout activities as possible, because only active Scouts advance. In the beginning, you may need to remind your son to get out his handbook or merit badge book. Help him to find the time to work on advancement and scouting skills. Discuss with your son his goals for Scouting. Help him to realize those goals as he makes his choices in Scouting.



You must fill out the following

  • The right side of the front, including
    • Write your Name
    • Write your Address
    • Write your City
    • Check “Boy Scout”
    • Write “Troop” No. “443”
    • Write “Cecil” for the district
    • Write “DelMarVa” for your Council
  • The back, including
    • The counselor’s information (given to you by the counselor) on the left side
    • Your name & the name of the merit badge on the middle part
    • Your name for Applicant, Check “Troop”, Write “443” for Unit Number, & the name of the merit badge on the right

Your Scoutmaster must sign

  • The right side of the front at the bottom, and date it as well (Signature of Unit Leader)
  • The middle part of the back at the bottom (Signature of Unit Leader)

The Counselor will fill out

  • The middle part of the front
    • Counselor will sign and date if you completed all of the requirements
    • If you got a partial, all of the requirements that you did complete will be written (by number) and initialed
  • The left part of the back, in the middle (Signature of Counselor & Date)
  • The middle part of the back, in the middle (Signature of Counselor)
  • The right part of the back, on the bottom (Date Completed & Remarks)

Upon completing the merit badge,

  • The counselor will take the left side of the front (which includes the right side of the back). This is known as the Counselor’s record, which he/she should keep for a year for recording purposes
  • The Unit Advancement Chair (who you give the blue card to upon getting it) will take the right side of the front (which includes the left side of the back. This is the Unit’s record and will stay in the Troop records until you leave the Troop
  • You keep the middle part of the front (which includes the middle part of the back), which the Unit Advancement Chair will give you along with your Merit Badge Patch upon processing your blue card. YOU MUST KEEP THIS FOR YOUR PERMANENT RECORDS. WITHOUT THIS CARD, YOU DO NOT HAVE EVIDENCE THAT YOU EARNED THE MERIT BADGE.