Table of Contents


A Note on Sources


Autobiographical Preface • The Plot • What Was Freud Thinking? (The Biographical Context) • Why is This Book Different from All Other Studies of Freud's Moses? • Definitions and Disclaimers • What's Next?

1. Moses and the Foundations of Psychoanalysis

A Case of Historical Fiction • A Return to the Source of the Nile • The Founding of a Theory: Establishment of a Machtbereich • Imperial Expansion (1897-1914) • The Analogy: From the Race to the Individual and Back Again • From Mount Sinai to Egypt

2. Freud’s “Lamarckism” and the Politics of Racial Science

Freud Among the Evolutionary Theorists • The Polemicization of Evolutionary Theory: 1890s-1930s • Freud's Suspiciously Bolshevik Lamarckism • Jones' Biography and Its Misguided Consequences • Was Lamarckism Jewish? • Is Psychoanalysis a Jewish Science?

3. Circumcision: The Unconscious Root of the Problem

Circumcision as Counter-Evidence • Weismann, Eugenics, and Human Difference • Freud's Lamarckian Weismannism • Freud's Final Cut • The Root But Not the Solution

4. Secret Inclinations beyond Direct Communication

The Psychoanalyst as Prophetic Patient • Mysterious Heredity • A Theory of Jewish Transference • Pseudoscientific Metaphors: Believing the Consequences • Übertragung: Linguistic Traces in the Background • Transferential Transformations: Psychoanalysis and the Chemistry of Love • Technologies, Nightmares, Dreams, and Occultism • Psychoanalysis: Occulted beyond Sensory Perception • Haunted by the Ghosts of Freud and Derrida • Phantom Letters

5. Immaterial Materiality: The “Special Case” of Jewish Tradition

Material Memory and Diasporic Identity • The "Special Case" of Jewish Tradition • Geistigkeit and Its Inversions • Genealogy and Its Apparent Incongruities • The Future of Fixity

Belated Speculations: Excuse me, are you Jewish?


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