Please help protect this unique environmental and wildlife area for the benefit of all by following these rules.

  1. Park is open all hours between sunrise and sunset.

  2. All dogs must be kept on leash.

  3. Do not disturb any trees, plants, or wildlife.

  4. Stay on the existing trails, or the open beach. Do not attempt to create your own trails.

  5. No motorized vehicles, including but not limited to trail bikes, ATVs, and boats. This does not include ADA wheelchairs, etc.

  6. No hunting or trapping.

  7. No swimming, paintball, or horseback riding.

  8. No camping or campfires.

  9. No alcoholic beverages.

  10. Fishing, canoeing, paddle-boarding, and kayaking are permitted at your own risk.

  11. Please keep our reserve clean! Properly dispose of trash in the provided receptacles.

  12. Winter sledding is only allowed between the designated signs NE of the Zion Rd parking lot.