Boating & Fishing

Boating and fishing are allowed on Eagle Lake at the EHT Nature Reserve.

Canoeing, paddle-boarding, and kayaking are permitted at your own risk. Please wear a proper flotation device while on the water. Please utilize the designated put-in and boat ramps to enter and leave the water. You must carry or cart your craft from the parking lots to the boat ramps and back. See the images below for put-in and ramp locations.

No motorized craft allowed!

Fishing is catch and release only.

Please maintain distance from wildlife to minimize interference.

Zion Road Entrance

250 feet from Zion lot to Alternate Put-In. Closest spot. No block ramp so could be muddy. If water is low you might not be able to get out to main lake.

500 feet to boat ramp #1. Farthest spot. Block ramp. Open water.

Schoolhouse Road Arboretum Entrance

300 feet from Arboretum lot to Boat Ramp#2. Block ramp. Open Water.

You will need to descend a narrow staircase, which may be difficult with larger craft.