You can be the one to make a difference

Our Members at EACH

  • Sara Tan BSc, MBA , President and Executive Director
  • Hanna Chan FCPA, FCAA , Vice President
  • Jason Kung, Communications
  • Danna Li, Health and Wellness Program Coordinator
  • Mathew T. Bell, PhD , Director
  • Esther Tsang BSc, CPA , Director
  • William Tan BEEE, MBA, Director

Health and Wellness Program Adviser

  • Samuel Tan, Doctor of Pharmacy, R.Ph.
  • Wenchy Siu, Psychobiology B.S

Volunteers & Interns

EACH’s programs pivot heavily on many volunteers to participate and deliver services to individuals and families who are in need of helps. We are constantly looking for dedicated volunteers to serve in the organization. We will provide on job training as well as training provided by Federal and State agencies or healthcare service providers. If you are interested in volunteering with the Enhance Asian Community on Health, please contact us.

Corporate Partners & Donors

EACH’s programs depend mainly on the generosity of supporters, donors and partners, like you. Your financial contributions help sustain EACH and benefit the Asian community which we humbly serve.

Make a Difference

Sponsoring EACH’s health and well-being programs, newsletters and events provides you with unique opportunities to connect intimately with the Asian community, to build brand awareness and show your company’s support of an important cause: further the nonprofit’s mission.

To find out how your corporation can sponsor or partner with EACH, please contact us.

Telephone (电话) : 857-472-3224

Email (电邮 ):