Recharge: Online intervention for post cancer Fatigue

Online self-management of cancer-related fatigue: a multimodal approach

Fatigue is a common and distressing long-term effect of cancer treatment and significantly affects quality of life. It is a complex problem and medications are largely ineffective. The management of cancer-related fatigue, therefore, represents a critical, yet unmet need for cancer survivors. Our project aims to reduce the burden of fatigue in cancer survivors by developing and evaluating an interactive online self-management program. Through this interface, cancer survivors will be able to access comprehensive information and a range of strategies to improve cancer-related fatigue based on best evidence and established guidelines.


Project Lead

  • Dr Sharon Avery

Project Team

  • Kirsten Ellis, Monash University, Department of Information Technology
  • A/Prof Craig Hassed, Monash University, Department of General Practice
  • Ms Daniela Klarica, Alfred Health
  • Ms Anne Hodgson, Consumer representative
  • Dr Patricia Walker, Peninsula Health
  • Dr Tricia Wright, Latrobe Regional Health


Victorian Cancer Survivorship Program: Phase II Grants Scheme