Classis Brochure
(updated 1/23/2014)

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Appointed a new Treasurer lately?

The IRS requires any church with an Employer Identification Number to provide its current mailing address, location, and "responsible party." The reason is in case there is a need to contact the church, mainly for payroll or any other tax reporting issues. All churches provided this information when originally formed and the Employer Identification Number was requested. The form is # 8222. Here is a link on the RCA website with instructions for filing: https://www.rca.org/Page.aspx?pid=9924

The form is mandatory though no penalties apply for not filing. The IRS knows each of our churches exist, not only because of the Employer Identification Number, but also because of the annual group exemption filing done through the denomination's legal office.

Church Insurance Checklist

Is your church adequately insured? What questions should you ask? See this resource by our Classis Finance Committee before meeting with your agent.

Each RCA assembly should adopt and implement records management and retention policies that reflect its unique circumstances.

IRS Tax Exemption

A new online search engine can let you know if your congregation (or any agency, institution, assembly, or other entity of the RCA) is covered under our IRS Group Exemption.

Church Growth Fund is a resource

The Church Growth Fund make loans to RCA churches to support building projects or to refinance loans that congregations may have with local banks on more favorable terms and lower interest rates. Consider the CGF as a financing source. Everyone benefits by working with us — churches receive affordable rate loans and investors receive a favorable rate of return on their money.


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