Safe Hiring

For "non-Pennsylvania" background screening we have an account with Safe Hiring Solutions, Inc., a service recommended by our Insurance Company and by the Reformed Church in America's Church Safety resources. (Ministering in Pennsylvania? Go here)

Initiate your screening (ministers and students not serving in Pennsylvania)...

a.) Online:

In minutes you can order your background screening at this link: Order Background Screen

    1. You are asked to "Select the Position for Which you are Applying": *(Ministers and Students select the "Employment" option from the menu).

    2. Review disclosure statements and authorization.

    3. Complete your info and pay $16.95 with your credit card. (Any additional fees will be paid by the classis.)

    4. The Clerk will keep resultant reports in a locked file and let you know of the results.


b.) By mail via the Clerk

    1. Print out and complete the employment FCRA Disclosure-Authorization Form.pdf (View) (Download) and then send it to the Clerk of the Classis.

    2. The Clerk will then order the screening. The Classis will be billed for the screening.

    3. The Clerk will keep the candidate's signed authorization sheet and resultant reports in a locked file.

Other Resources

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