Executive Committee,  President, Rev. Bill Borror - 484-557-1658

Acts on behalf of Classis between stated sessions, helps coordinate the work of the committees, and oversees the agenda for stated and special sessions of Classis.

Administration:  Rev. Paul Janssen - 908-725-4545

Facilitates the nominations for classis officers, review elders minutes, and recommend re. proposed Constitutional changes of Classis, Regional Synod and General Synod.

Candidate Care:  Rev. Mark Swart - 908-725-2313  &  Rev. Dr. David Haddorff - 908-369-4346

Helps the classis care for seminary students on their way toward ordained ministry in the Reformed Church.

Congregational Care: Rev. Bill Borror - 484-557-1658

Resources consistories for the purpose of supervision and congregational health.

Church Multiplication & Evangelism: 

Strengthens and equips faithful Christian witness throughout and beyond the present bounds of Classis.

Finance:  elder Joyce Murphy - 908-236-6236

Oversees the financial operations of the Classis and any churches seeking assistance or sizable loans.

Multicultural Ministry:

Raises awareness and advocates for the needs and concerns of racial/ethnic persons in our congregations and communities.

Pastoral Care:  Rev. Heidi Hankel - 215-802-4724

Oversees all the ministers of the classis, providing support and accountability.

Program: (currently being provided by the Congregational Care & Pastoral Care Committees)

Supports congregations towards growth in spiritually healthy ways though special events and/or workshops, ‘interest based clusters,’ denominational tools, programs, and contacts.