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Executive Committee,

Linda Santa Lucia - 908-788-0626

Acts on behalf of Classis between stated sessions, helps coordinate the work of the committees, and oversees the agenda for stated and special sessions of Classis.

Administration Committee

Rev. Paul Janssen - 908-725-4545

Examines elders' minutes, reviews proposed constitutional changes, and facilitates nominations to classis offices.

Candidate Care

Rev. Mark Swart - 908-725-2313

Helps the classis care for seminary students on their way toward ordained ministry in the Reformed Church. Examination Procedures for Ministerial Candidates

Congregational Care

Rev. Thomas Jones - 908-507-4033

Resources consistories for the purpose of supervision and congregational health.

Pulpit Supply List Sample Interim Contract

Church Multiplication & Evangelism

Rev. Steve Miller - 908-705-0145

Strengthens and equips faithful Christian witness throughout and beyond the present bounds of Classis.


Joyce Murphy - 908-236-6236

Oversees the financial operations of the Classis and any churches seeking assistance or sizable loans. Classis Ministry & Mission Budgeting

Multicultural Ministry:

Rev. Elizabeth Estes - 732-331-2692

Raises awareness and advocates for the needs and concerns of racial/ethnic persons in our congregations and communities.

Pastoral Care

Rev. Heidi Hankel - 215-802-4724

Oversees all the ministers of the classis, providing support and accountability.

In Case of Sexual Misconduct


(currently being provided by the Congregational Care & Pastoral Care Committees)

Supports congregations towards growth in spiritually healthy ways though special events and/or workshops, ‘interest based clusters,’ denominational tools, programs, and contacts.