Classis Pastoral Boundaries Training

September 27, 9:00 AM - 2:30 PM

Who should attend? all pastors, students under care, retired pastors and pastors without a call or contract.

Trainer: Dr. Stephen R. Treat, a Senior Therapist from the Council for Relationships.

This training is one day only. Lunch will be provided. 

We require that all pastors receive this training. If you absolutely cannot make it to this year's training, we will be having one in early 2019 that you must attend. 

This requirement keeps us compliant with our insurances and keeps us up to date with the ever changing world we live in.

If you have any questions or need child care for the event, please do not hesitate to contact the chair of Pastoral Care - Heidi Hankel

How to Serve on General Synod Commissions, Agencies, and Boards

All confessing members of the RCA are eligible to serve on the General Synod's commissions, boards and agencies. See brief descriptions here.

Members who wish to be considered for service may complete a profile form and submit it to the Commission on Nominations.

Update 2018 Classis Directory

Update directory
Go HERE to update
required info for Classis
(delegates addresses, etc.)


of Delaware-Raritan Classis
(revised January 30, 2016)

Info and rosters for delegates to the General Synod and the Regional Synod of the Mid-Atlantics.

Background Screening

The Classis requires a background screening of our ministers, students, and officers prior to the commencement of their service or employment.

Go here to find out more or to initiate your screening.

Abuse and Misconduct - Classis Policy

See our Classis Policy for preventing 
and responding to Abuse or Misconduct
ĉD-R A&M Policy.doc

Specialized Ministers, please fill out the form below and return to the Pastoral Care Committee annually by March 1st describing your current ministry position.

SpecialMinReport-DR.doc     View   Download

Who to call?

Rev. Steven Miller is our Classis Minister
130 Conklin Street, South Plainfield, NJ 07080
(908) 757-3148 (home) (908) 705-0145 (cell)

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