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Drawing, artistic anatomy, 
colour theory and art history links and reading to accompany the classes by Dr David Briggs at the Julian Ashton Art School,  the National Art School, and Sydney Grammar School,  Sydney, Australia.
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Julian Ashton Art School

Colour, Light and Vision Workshop

Beginning Life Drawing

Essentials of Anatomy

Evening Painting and Drawing

National Art School

Oil Painting with Colour and Light

Understanding and Applying Colour

Painting and Drawing the Life Model

Anatomy for Life Drawing

Visual Dictionary of Colour (2017)

Sydney Grammar School
Life Drawing



         Privately-run classes
 Landscape painting  around Coogee        

Colour, Light and Vision for NAS students

Digital Colour Workshop

     Previous year's courses



 The Dimensions of Colour

  by David Briggs

  An introduction to the dimensions of   colour intended for painters using either traditional or digital mediums.



Vision Science; Optical Illusions

Colour Classifications, Specification, Spaces

Colour and Vision Theory in Art

Further Information


Artistic Anatomy

Modern Medical Anatomy

Historical Anatomies

Facial Anatomy and Expression

Animal Anatomy