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Kevin Burdick Band site portal

EWFTV Earth Wind and Fire TV

Live_Journal_Wide_Portal has a variety of videos

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Debra's Shared Feed * has video blogs also posted

Meet_The_Artist page *now has videos of artists drawing and more will be added

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Steven Adams of JMOBB has sent me a rare DVD of their recent Television Performance on Fox 4 Live in the morning. Once converted & edited for the band's website, the video will also be available here. That's going to be a treat.

Discover_David Vaughn to be added. He says he can't wait for me to finish his page. But, we all must wait just a little longer.

note: videos previously stored at 123flukiest account must be re-uploaded and will appear on the page after generating new codes

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Video on this page includes:

    • 20 music video Player from playlists at YouTube will be updated so that there will be different videos available in the tp player during returning visits
    • 250 video browser from debraford123's VLOG ( Video log) the number may vary and the Order of the videos in the player will be changed
    • flight & clouds video player


    • 1) The Debraford123 Channel includes music comedy, and an assortment of clips

Video Player 20 videos

Debraford123 YouTube Vlog

The Ads above the Vlog Page are part of the YouTube Site. YouTube is now a Google Company.

The videos in the VLog were Uploaded by various members at You Tube. The playlist and Vlog - Video Blog were created by Debra Ford from some of the millions of videos on the site. Anyone can go to YouTube to search for videos them self, but, this is time consuming. There are a variety of Videos saved here and hopefully there is something for everyone. One thing I wouldn't expect you to get through all of them on this list in one day. In time This site will post links to all the band sites of the music videos included in the VLog on the music pages in the future after the basic pages are created. Enjoy.

The Play list page was started on page 5 since the first 5 pages of videos show up in the player above. From time to time videos will be removed from the actual site by members or management at their discression. Attempt is being made to keep a healthy number of good videos in the playlist at all times. If a video does not play, it is because the actual video was removed and the playlist had not beed adjusted to reflect the changes yet. Also, there are periods where the actual site goes down for maintenance usually after midnight US. Please be understanding, as I have no control over such things. - debraford123


The Debraford123 Channel - coming

The TV viewer was temporarily removed until subtle changes are made. The video page for The Debraford123 will be placed on a separate page because it has scripts which may not be suitable for all computers. To keep the site quick loading on your machine, many separate pages with a whole lot of links will be created.

This information below will be moved to the Channel page when it is created.

    • Move your cursor over the player
    • Select media from the top menu to pick individual selections
    • Select start button from the bottom menu to see all clips.
    • A listing of some of the selections in this channel is directly below the player.

So far on the debraford123 Channel:

    • Evolution of Dance
    • Hilary Duff - Beat Of My Heart
    • New Order-True Faith
    • Tom Cruise Cracks Up
    • Tom Cruise Kills Oprah
    • Sauron the Moron
    • It all started when Harry Potter went to Mordor to pawn the One Ring in ...
    • Human Space Invaders
    • Hubble Telescope Images
    • The Hubble Telescope was originally designed in the 1970's and launched ...
    • Earth Wind and Fire - Boogie Won...
    • Original music video of Boogie Wonderland.
    • Earth Wind And Fire - September ...
    • Earth Wind and Fire original Music video for hit song September
    • Verdine White Bass Solo
    • Earth Wind and Fire Verdine White bass Solo
    • Star Trek: TNG Extra
    • An extra on the fifth season of Star Trek: The Next Generation featuring...
    • EWF_Intro_1981b
    • The Laser Phenix appears in this intro to EWF's 1981 Tour
    • King-Size Homer Clip
    • An excerpt from the Simpsons episode, "King-Size Homer".
    • MC Hammer - U Can't Touch This
    • Music video for MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This".
    • Stupid Music Video
    • Silliness to "Hysteria," by Muse.
    • Patent Pending - This Can't Happ...
    • Rock
    • Ziggy Marley - Love Is My Religion
    • Reggae
    • Olivia Newton John - Physical
    • 80s, Pop

Flight and clouds

The flight and clouds will be re-uploaded to Flukiest since there is a a site upgrade in progress. Notice will be made on the main page when the videos are back on this site.More clouds and flight Videos Stored under 123flukiest (hosted by can be seen here.


To see larger views of the images here go to the 123flickr_Images page here using the link above where you can navigate through the pictures without actually leaving the site.


Vlog for debraford123

Vlog for debraford123

Discussions on the art pieces is included with the flickr age images and also on the Meet the Artist Page


virtual keyboards have been added

on the science page you will find:

    • NASA - picture of the day
    • moon phases
    • Periodic Table
    • Earthquake Watch
    • Links to Science News sites

There are online games on this site along with game catalogues to download game demos.

Games you can download right now:

click theYouTube picture icon to go directly to the to the Vlog page which you see above. This link will take you away from Debraford123's Google Pages and bring you directly to

The Vlog is an ever growing play list. Vlog is short for Video Log (or Blog)

debraford123's channel at YouTube

debraford123'Channel at YouTube

You can navigate to the debaford123 channel above by selecting the "channel" link directly below the ad banner.

(click the picture to go to the debraford123 channel)This link will take you away from Debraford123's Google Pages and bring you directly to

The large videos which show up on the page would be the last entries into the Vlog. And would show up last on the player for the Vlog. codes for video playlist can be found for the many playlist which I am building at Youtube. The actual videos in the playlists were uploaded by other YouTube members. I only assemble the list from the very large library of videos on the site.

(click the link above to go to Debraford123 Televison)

You can see Earth Wind and Fire at the debraford123 Television page or the TV channel which is currently being built. You can also browse through other videos at the site.

more video information and news wll be added to this page:

Search for videos on YouTube

SpongeBob SquarePants Krabby Quest

Other video Postings


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SpongeBob SquarePants Bubble Rush!
SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash

SpongeBob SquarePants Diner Dash


My game space has been added to the site and there is an opportunity to get 2 free full games and your own game space. You can also find both mac ans windows version PC Arcade game info from that page. - 123flukiest - photowall - gallery - slideshows - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - DebraFord123's Google Pages