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Controls: Use the Mouse to move the space ship and the right mouse button to shoot

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March 27 2006

"Invadazoids" Game Demo Review by debraford123

Invadazoid- bridges the old with the new.

Invadazoid touches a sentimental nerve, with a come back of Space Invaders in 3D. The movement patterns, routines, and sound effects in "classic mode" are right on the target. The ending tune is classic "midi". Music for the game levels had more of a disco tone giving a feel of the "Oldies". In "Invasion" and "Survival" modes, the weapons are more like the style we know & love today. Using power ups, magnetic shields, and other break out tools, Invadazoid catches you by surprise using the classic "Space Invader" weapon for missiles along side the new shooters. The difference between Survival and Invasion game play is that new critters replace the ones you've destroyed from the top row. When playing outside of the classic mode, shots no longer just shoot upwards into space. The whole warfield is framed by the screen and your shots - - dare I say it - - ricochet off the walls.

The package is slick clean and direct. Just enough to breath life into a classic. Fantastic for short breaks -- about a palm full of quarters worth at a time. Some habits die hard. People will love this theme, even if they never really loved the original game when they had a chance to play it.

Demo Review of Invadazoid by debraford123

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