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    • Virtual Language Keyboards -
    • Spanish
    • Russian
    • German
    • Virtual Language keyboards guide
    • Virtual Language Keyboard Tips
    • Text translating using babble fish
      • individual German page has been created where there are now German videos
    • Currency Conversions
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Virtual Language Keyboards Guide:

Use the Virtual Keyboard here.

Use the magnifier on your browser to get a larger view. 150% is a good magnification to see the keys. If you have IE7 in the lower corner of your browser window. If not, see if your browser allows page magnification to be placed on your customized tool bar it comes in handy. Scroll to the keyboard before adjusting the magnification if you are not familiar with it.

Put cursor inside the text area.

Use the cursor to select the keys.

Cut and paste the text anywhere you like.

Bookmark this page or add to your favorites or send a shortcut to your desktop if you need to find this keyboard often.

Virtual Keyboard Tips:

    • You may use notepad to save the text you type into another language but you can Not save as ANSI or you may lose the characters
    • Save the Text File as unicode
    • There are places where you cannot use the text online such as network communities which filter out special characters in order to prevent encoded programming since many language characters are used as functions in programming languages. This will vary from network to network depending on the languages they have cleared for content usage.
    • You should be able to Print your files normaly when saved to a file.
    • When the cursor is placed in the text window the characters are added on the right side of the screen. It may take a little practice to get familiar with the key placements and the function of the keyboard. But, if you need these characters for your personal interaction it is worth the trouble needed to learn.

Scroll down - Key boards on this Page:

Spanish, Russian, German

Need a different Keyboard? Go to a different language page for:

French - Vietnamese - Malayalam - Hindi ( Hindi keyboard is on the same page as the Malayalam Keyboard)

Type in Spanish

Adjust your page magnification for a larger view of the keyboard.

Type in Russian

Type in German

Text translations -

Translate From English to a different Language

Currency Conversions -

IP Lookup -

Dictionary Word Search


    • Instructional guides written by Debra Ford to assist in usage of hosted features
    • The gadgets were designed by other parties and are provided here for your convience.
    • There may be occaisions when the gadgets on a page are not visible or available due to maintenence at the site that hosts the actual keyboards. This is beyond the control of the debraford123 sites.
    • In most cases the absence of the function would be temporary.
    • If it comes to the knowledge that the source is excessively problematic the gadgets would be removed from this site without notice.

About Gadget Links:

If you prefer you can always follow the links in the gadgets. I can only say that I have tested the gadgets here and have not tested all the links you may find when you leave this site to the webpages of the gadget's creators. The sources have been reasonable screened. Yet there is no way for me to fully vouch for the integrity of all sites. It is a personal mission to lead you to good links and it is with all hope that the websites which link from here are decent sites by decent people. If a link leads you to a site which you are uncomfortable with leave immediatedly using the back button on your browser. If it opend seperate windows, close the windows which you do not trust. Gadgets which have not shown signs of trouble have been used at this site. However, the pages they link to can be replaced or changed without notice and I have no control over these things. Adjustments are made assoon as possible . - debraford123