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Added March 7th - 8th 2007

Added March 6th 2007

    • more music videos Music videos from Music Nation
    • Featured Music Artist Page Adam Werner with video
    • Featured Music Artist Page Matt Austin with video
    • India world clock, current satellite images, videos, (news links to be added)

Added March 5th 2007

Online Games :

Added Feb 15th - 28 2007

Added Feb 9th-14th 2007

Featured specials & links to office supply pages at the Office Depot website. Discussions on office supplies will be added to this page

Page and discussions on Health and tech gadgets

on the launch date an overview on the recommended shopping sites is explained with basic links to beginning pages Monthly specials will appear here in the future as they are found

for musical instruments equipment and software.

Launched Feb 8th 2007

Virtual Keyboards to type in Malayalamമലയാളംand Hindi हिन्दी

Launched Feb 4th 2007

Launched Feb 3rd 2007

Additional Game page with free game downloads and trials For BOTH Windows and Macs on some titles. Check for Availability of mac version in the descriptions before downloading. And always test a demo on your system before saves time in the long run.

Launched Feb 2nd, 2007

Shakira, Beyonce, Usher, Rob Thomas, Dave Mathew Band, Cheryl Crow, Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas, David Bowie & Luther Vandros are featured in this Video Player Please Note there has been a change in the player and a different playlist and player will be added to that page with different music players( note added March 5, 2007)

Launched Feb 1st, 2007

Launched and published January 29th 2007

Launched and Published January 27-28 2007

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Feb 9-14 2007

    • Discussion topics added to the Featured Products and recommended site pages Pages
    • Instructions added to some of the communication pages
    • Several pages made the conversion to the black theme
    • Browser and navigation information added to so of the browser pages
    • Instructions added to some of the online game pages
    • News Sites online links added to the News Page for a wide selection of news sources

Feb 8th 2007

    • Communications Page - Content added Virtual Keyboard Guides, Note, tips. About gadgets also added. Clock Added. Links also added to the other Communication language pages

Feb 7th 2007

    • guitar videos added, theme switched to black, content added,about videos added 2-7-07
    • Video page links added videos, Video News update for the site added (temporarily until it gets it's own page), the Debraford123 channel moved due to conflicting scripts and will get a separate page
    • Music Page - Text added

Feb 1st 2007

    • Communication - added German, Russian and Spanish Virtual Keyboards to type in those languages. Also fixed links and some text changes, added links

January 27 - 28th 2007

debraford123s Google Pages changes - video
    • changed page theme for Video Pages
    • Added Debraford123's video channel from to the video Page
    • Images added
    • Changes to EWFTV code
    • Fixed broken Links and added new links to pages
    • changed home page color scheme to Black
debraford123s Google Pages changes - home
    • centered objects and gadgets

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