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During this period new sources will be replacing previously expired gadgets widgets and apps.

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my_gaia_maya * added August 6th 2007

updated regularly

daily updates

    • News links to the biggest and best News sites on the web
    • you can play online Pac Man on the news page

updated March 13,2008

Virtual Keyboards :

updated Feb 1,2007

Live_Journal_Wide_Portal has a variety of videos


Games download free demos

My Game Space more free game downloads

Qbeez download (Extended reviews to be added)

Play Online:


Break Down added Mar 2007

Bubble Pop added Mar 2007

Pegsadded Mar 2007

asteroids - added Feb 8th 2007

conjunction on the home page

Blocks - a mini tetris clone

NBLOX - a tetris clone added feb 8th

invaders large version added feb 8th

Soduku magic number puzzle

Pac Man *is once again inoperable and a new source is being sought after you can only find a crawling spider on that page for now - sorry about the bad source - I'll try again

sliding numbers

crossword puzzles different puzzles daily

hangman guess the letters to make a word

Silly games here:

Play Hey I am a Pirate

Play Leaping Leprechan

Play Whack a Me

Play Space Ranger

moregames :play online :

    • Fight Man
    • Boneless Girl
    • Cubeez (which is different than Qbeez mind you)

Links to game reviews will appear at the main Game reviews Page for reviews already posted elsewhere. Basic set up page under construction

First review page has been launched and a design is under consideration. Many of the reviews have been blogged at other sites and links to the reviews will appear on the Main Game review page until all the page design elements are in order. If you wanted to see the basic test set up to match the black theme you can check out:

    • Sky Bubbles Deluxe Game Review here at this website . The color scheme is dramatically different than the original page designs I set up for reviews at my main site. But, black seems to work well with so many colors it makes it easy to tie the pages together. Of course, if you have your browser set to ignore all page themes then the versions of the reviews here and my other sites would look pretty much the same.
    • Invadazoids game review is on the invaders page

Moving images

crawling spider

online game link here

will take you a good site to try it out as it is not available here at this time.


Image pages primarily contain art, screenshots and graphics and photographs by debraford123. There are also collections which are used and or edited by permission and images which have a CC share licence or obtained from a site that stated usage was Permitted. However, there are cases where I have permission to share with you, but, cannot give you permission to reuse those images.


The Mission

This is a Personal website designed to help you find your way around the Internet. And to share with you, here, things that I have already found online after long searches and networking. In the process I have created many personal profiles and blogs from which I have posted content over the last year and a half. This site will attempt to not only link you to the good places online, but to recreate some of the content that is scattered about the Internet into one place. Hopefully, that will answer many questions without requiring you to join networks just to access my posts which are sometimes made for "friends only". If you are a visitor you are welcomed as a friend. However, I will only respond to inquiries at this time through the network communities. In the future I will designate a place for exchange in a forum setting. Current focus is developing the site content and structure on a personal website, before, attempting to develop a business site. And, I do need time to paint and draw and dance, and edit all the stuff I write ... so, contact will be kept to a minimum at the present time.

About Shopping:

You can't buy anything here. All links to purchases are referrals only, and any purchases are made on the secured network servers of the companies distributing those goods. Time has been taken to hand pick services, sites or products. (At the point that I have products of my own available on line, you will be given the links to the appropriate sites in the future) The services and or products on this site, are those which I have a personal interest in and hopefully the time I have taken to find these services will be helpful to some of you also. Online shopping has been a convenience for me in adjustments to a post disaster recovery. So the future will hold links to a wide variety of sources, since, I need to search in a wide variety of places to recreate a lifestyle which is both functional and practical. Of course, a small site must grow before approval is made to link to many sites. So, as the site grows and visitors numbers increase so will the number of linked featured pages.

About Gadgets and Games

Some of the "gadgets on the pages are Provided free with the ads which support those gadgets. This site is allowed to use the gadgets with the sponsored ads in place. Time is taken to screen the gadgets before placing them on the site, including online games. I have put links on the site for games that I have checked out thoroughly. As online games are being secured from many different sources, It is impossible to check out the character of the people who make the online games available. If you play a game here and experience weird behavior while playing a game, return to the home page and close the other windows. Likewise if you follow links found in an online game, navigate away - if there is anything about the site that makes you uncomfortable. The purpose here is to help you better enjoy the Internet. Games and other gadgets will be added for enjoyment. It is with the hope that you have a pleasant online experience while visiting this site, the first time and every time you visit.

My Game Space has been removed from the site

Game Released* august 2007:

Richochet Infinity

Another 5 star

Download - get the free trial at this link

more info


The site updates and added_features links in the windows below

    • most links in the windows below have been edited to open a new window. Therefore it is no longer a true portal. From time to time some pages may open directly in the portal window
    • some pages may be larger than the window below use links in the header or side bar for larger/full page viewing if the links do not open a separate window for you
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Newly Added to the site:

    • Tech Gadgets
    • The Sharper Image - Featured Products Page
    • Product specials of the month
    • "Healthy Living with Tech Gadgets" discussions - dream products, health and fitness, clean living, clean air, & exercise
    • products that are available at the tech savvy place The Sharper Image.

virtual keyboards though small on the pages if you use your browser's page magnifier you will have the larger keyboard, or you can follow the link in the to of the keyboard heading to navigate to a site that hosts the larger version of the keyboard.

    • Video
    • The Video Page has been relaunched and now has an over 250 song Video Log browser and a 20 song player music player on the page. The topmost videos on the main Video Page are from "youtube" which is a "Google" Company. The paylist is occaisionally adjusted so that different videos appear in the first video player on the page so that there is something fresh on your return visits.
    • More Music Video Video player features Usher, Beyonce, Shakira, Cheryl Crow, David Bowie, Matchbox 20, Rob Thomas, Luther Vandross (Temporarily inoperable)
    • Videos added to the Guitar Page
    • cloud videos the first video has been readded to the main video page the rest of the set will be posted soon
    • videos can also be found on Debraford123's_Live_Journal_Navigator
    • NOTICE about videoplayers: * due to temporary adjustments made at the host sites there may be periods when some video players will be inoperable. So, videos have been collected from different websites in order to make sure that there are always some videos working on other pages.
    • New Music Pages
    • The main Music Page is now active and has my music mix player from Music Freedom so you can hear samples of songs on that page too. Over time I will add links to the music artist's band websites that have songs in my music mix so you can here more from those talented individuals and groups.
    • Featured Artists and Group Pages are available
    • Earth Wind And Fire -video & links
    • Kevin Burdick Rock Pianist - video, links & portal
    • Music_Artist_The_Temptations video
    • Music videos May be found on the Main Video Page
    • Steven Adams lead guitarist of "Jason Mayfield and the One Bullet Band" news, links and portal
    • David James Guitarist and Vocalist
    • Adam Werner
    • Matt Austin

Image Pages:

Now Available:

    • Gallery Artwork by Debra Ford added
    • Slideshows updated Jan 21
    • Meet the Artist blog has been imported into this site and you can read without leaving this site (navigational portal)
    • 123flukiest Photos of clouds, New Orleans,Louisana Houston,Texas & Flora and Fauna (plants)

The Shared feed has been paused and will be replaced in the near future

The Shared Feed Page created with Google Reader Lab have been discontinued here and as an independent page at :

Where you will find topics with links to:

    • Debraford123 blog topics brought together without having to dive through the numerous archives at different sites. Some are partial descriptions and some are the full post.
    • Art by Debra Ford
    • Musicians and Band topics from blogs of musicians plus CD/Album Release Dates, concert and tour information
    • Bookmarks of interesting pages online with comments added by debraford123
    • Feed links to Harry Potter Site News
    • Video
    • Links to Video Blogs
    • Pictures of New Orleans, El Paso, and Houston
    • Discontinuation of Clipmarks with comments added by 123clipmarks or by other clippers

You can also get it directly as an RSS Feed.

RSS stands for "Really Simple Syndication"

a feed


More full posts will be imported in the future to reduce the amount of navigation in the future.

Other Debraford123 GooglePages will be listed here as they are added

Image pages

Image have been added during the last week of December 2006 and can now be accessed.

photowall updated

slideshows updated Jan 20th 2007

123flickr_Images now working


Sometimes you just want to play a quick game that you can't find anywhere else:

Color Junction

This is a simple game where the object is to remove all the pieces or dots. Two or more dots must be connected in order to remove it. There are no high scores just a note to let you know how many dots you have left. There is no pressure and no time limit. This articular game is set

to medium difficulty for this page.

Games page at this site (click the link)

The game page here will be continuously updated with new arcade

game demos. The trial demos are free to use. Most are 60 minutes each. They are compatible with windows system PCs. Additional information on requirements is available in the arcade browser

Games Page Link

-Online games:

hangman - Moving Pictures - Soduku - invaders - crossword puzzles - sliding numbers - Blocks - Super Mario Revived - Sonic The Hedgehog -asteroids - Pac Man - nblox - More games:Fight Man, Boneless Girl, Cubeez (which is different than Qbeez mind you)Break Down - Break Down - Bubble Pop - Pegs

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Images online:

123flickr Navigational Portal Page here for debraford123

Picassa album page will be added


Coming Soon:

    • computer tips
    • Html Tips
    • useful applications
    • more Featured Music Artist Pages:

Marwood, The String Tributer, David Vaughn, Shonsta (Sean Gordon and the Butning Tree Project Band) & more

    • More Videos
    • articles
    • more more more
    • Silly Stuff
    • Shopping or Store Links and recommendations -see featured product pages
    • More Virtual Keyboards
    • More text translators
    • Adobe Software Products links
    • more, more, more

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a version of this site can be found here too at the: MainVideo Page here

debraford123's channel at YouTube

debraford123 Television at DaveTV no longer exists


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Meet the Artist

Profile and Blog

See the blog here at : Meet_The_Artist

DEBWEBGAMES at 360 Profile and Blog


My Game Space portal is no longer available

and of course www.debraford123.com/DEBWEBGAMES

Download game demos now

you can always visit my main website at http://www.debraford123.com/ where you can download free game demos. that site is in desperate need of an update and it is coming shortly. For new stuff stick around here for a tad bit lonnger as the main site is being rewritten. thank you for your patience.