Anne Frank

Think of all the beauty still left around you and be happy (Anne Frank)

Anne Frank was  an ordinary teenage girl who, nevertheless, didn't have an ordinary life. Although she was originally from Germany, she was living in Holland when II World War broke out in 1939, as her parents had decided to leave their home country for safety reasons in 1933. In July 1942, they had to go into hiding on the top floor of a building in Amsterdam, where they lived for two years, because things were getting really difficult for Jewish families. The Franks were escaping from the Nazis, who were arresting Jews and taking them to concentration camps to do forced labour or to kill them if they weren't strong enough to put up with the difficult living conditions. 

Anne is very honest in her diary and she writes about her feelings all of the time.  

In the summer of 1944, not long before the British, the Americans and their allies finally won the war and drove the German army away, her diary suddenly stopped. The Nazis killed Anne Frank, but luckily for everybody, they couldn't kill her memory.

  • Watch this video about her short life:

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OPTION A. In groups of 5 - 6 people, make a giant version of Anne Frank's diary. This diary will be exhibited and read at school during the  III Cultural Week at the end of April.
Take a look at these photos of a "giant diary" 1º ESO students wrote last year while studying what life was like for children in the Victorian period:

Diary of a Victorian girl

OPTION B. In groups of 4 . 5 people, shoot a video in which you interview Anna Frank's dad telling his daughter's story and what life was like in The Secret Annexe.

OPTION C. In groups of 4 - 5 people, make a film retelling Anne Frank's story.

  • The deadline to present your work is Monday 4th April.


4º ESO C

Melissa, Celia, Silvia, Jaime, Raquel and Mª José ‎‎‎‎(Anne Frank)‎‎‎‎

Pedro, Antonio, Pablo Ortega, Ricardo, José Juan and Clemente

Andrés, Gabi, Máximo, Alejandro García and Jesús

Elvira, Myriam, Maksym and Alex

Alberto, Ángela, Berta, Vero

Carlos and Miguel

4º ESO B

ANNE FRANK: Yaiza Prieto, Cecilia Rodríguez and María Molina

Interview Otto Frank ‎(Alejandro Martínez, José Antonio, Pedro F and Pedro Serna, Laura Mengual, Nerea Pay)‎

Ana Frank ‎(Irene)‎

Video Anne Frank history Pablo V, Pablo F, Marta, Celia, Ricardo and Fran Ayala)

Otto Frank ‎(Iván, Fran Rodríguez, José Ramón and J. Manuel)‎


Pablo Ortega, Clemente, Ricardo Abellán, 
Antonio, Pedro and José Juan

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Yaiza, María Molina and Cecilia

Celia Pérez, Marina, Mª José Bermúdez 
and Lorena

Fran, Marta, Ricardo, Pablo F,
Pablo V and Celia

Elvira, Alex, Maksym and Myriam

Iván, José Ramón, Fran Rodríguez
and José Manuel

Ángela, Tania, Elena, Tamara, Antonia, Irene 
and María Gomariz

Alejandro Martínez, José Antonio, Pedro Serna,
Pedro Francisco, Laura and Nerea

Alberto, Vero, Ángela and Berta

Vídeo de Google Docs

Andrés, Gabi, Alejandro, Máximo and Jesús

Carlos and Miguel

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