"Darcy Lubbers is both an excellent therapist and a gifted healer. By integrating knowledge and skills from a variety
of fields, she offers a unique approach that I recommend highly. All who avail themselves of her wisdom
and love will be richer for the experience."

- Emmett Miller, M.D., Nevada City, CA

Author, "Deep Healing: The Essence of Mind-Body Medicine"

"I have known Darcy over the past 10 years both as a colleague and a friend. She is a talented and prolific teacher
who has the ability to express poignant concepts in an eloquent and passionate manner. For the last decade,
she has been very active in teaching courses for the Chopra Center in Los Angeles, Hawaii, and Canada.

As a physician and Co-Founder of the Chopra Center for Well Being, I believe that Darcy has the makings of a true
healer who will know and implement both the science and art of medicine. She has been an exceptional asset
to our programs, given her character and her genuine desire to serve and help others to heal."

- Deepak Chopra, M.D., Carlsbad, CA
Author, and Co-Founder, The Chopra Center for Well Being

"I highly recommend Darcy Lubbers to anyone seeking to establish an Integrative Center. Ms. Lubbers is highly skilled
in assisting patients to cope with their illness. She is full of energy, highly empathic and always brings a smile
to the faces of those she works with and cares for. My life has been made richer from our relationship."

- Lorne Feldman, M.D., Los Angeles, CA
Founder, B'Sherit Integrative Oncology Services

"As a producer of the Los Angeles Hellerwork Training, I have had ample opportunity to observe Darcy Lubbers' work
with our students, and have found her to be a competent, gifted teacher. She is intelligent and creative, and
brings enthusiasm and a pioneering spirit to her work.

Darcy has a natural ability to connect with others. Her accessibility, sense of humor, psychological skills, and capacity
for empathy have all received high marks on evaluations from students and colleagues. Her extensive
cross-disciplinary training and unique blend of abilities and experience make her an excellent
candidate for positions of leadership within the field of Mind Body Medicine."

- Dan Bienenfeld, Los Angeles, CA
Producer/Trainer, L.A. Hellerwork Training

"I have known and worked in collaboration with Darcy Lubbers for over twenty years. What touches me the most about
her is her strong dedication to her clients' well being. Along with her talents in a wide array of therapeutic modalities
she also has the insight for creating the right team for her clients' needs, and the ability to communicate effectively
with that team. As a result, I see greater and more profound healing for our clients."

- Helene Zuckerman, Santa Monica, CA
Hellerwork Practitioner
Director, Ohana Healing Arts

"As a registered nurse with 25 years' experience in Maternal Child Health, it is my belief that all health professionals
would benefit from attending Darcy Lubbers' programs. Her wisdom and insight into the human condition,
combined with her innovative approach, allows western health care professionals to gain further insight
into healing the physical body through healing the heart and soul."

- Jude Aluce', R.N., B.S.N., Santa Monica, CA
Obstetrics/Gynecology; Maternal Child Health Educator

"Darcy Lubbers' seminars are unique because of her ability to draw participants in on a profoundly meaningful level,
thereby providing an opportunity for growth and insight, and a deep sense of renewal."

- Barbara Wyman, ATR, MFT, Venice, CA
Clinical Art Therapist

"Darcy has a gentle manner, facilitating trust and healing in the room. In her workshops she provides a safe place to open up, to share, and also to give feedback... amazing healing experiences occur."

- Linda Okimoto, ATR, Redondo Beach, CA
Clinical Art Therapist