01/07                 Responding to Life's Challenges; Beginnings Magazine, American Holistic                                         Nurses Association; Winter issue, Vol. 27 No. 1.                       
08/03                 Art and Soul, Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance manual for the 16th                                         Annual Conference: Long Beach, California; August, 2003.  
04/01                 Responding to the Emotional Challenges of Cancer, B'Sherit Integrative                                             Oncology Services Newsletter; Los Angeles, California; April, 2001.        
01/97                 Responding to Life's Challenges: Clearing and Centering; Whole Life Times                                     Magazine; Malibu, California; January, 1997.  
03/91                 Adult Art Psychotherapy, Issues and Applications, Brunner/Mazel                                                        Publishers, New York, New York; co-editor/author; March 1991.
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