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Advanced Microeconomics Seminar: Game Theory course PhD program in Economics at Universidad del Norte, spring semester 2018.

Advanced Microeconomics Seminar: Game Theory course PhD program in Economics at Universidad del Norte, spring semester 2017. Armando Canabal, Fabián Sanchez, Ivan Darío Gonzalez, Janwar Moreno y Luis Pupo.

Equilibrium Simulators: Here is the link to the new equilibrium simulators (in spanish) for students of introductory and intermediate microeconomics. You just have to change the parameter values in the functions and observe the changes in the equilibrium prices under different models. (June 2015)

Intro and Intermediate Microeconomics Class Notes (in Spanish) Download here in .pdf  This is a draft of the class notes for students of Microeconomics I and II at the Universidad Tecnológica de Bolívar covering topics related with perfect and imperfect competition.

Undergrad Courses Spring 2014:

Students talk about the Flipped Classroom strategy. The methodology was implemented during the spring semester 2014 by Daniel Toro Gonzalez PhD in the course "Introduction to Industrial Organization". (Blog)

Class 01: Conceptos básicos de teoría de juegos (This is a newer version of the video)

Class 02: Competencia y Bienestar

Class 03: Monopolio

Class 04: Monopolio y Costo Social

Class 05: Monopolio y Calidad

Class 06: Monopolio y Bienes Durables

Class 07: Discriminación de Precios

Class 08: Monopolio Multiplanta y Cartel 

Class 09: Modelo de Cournot

Class 10: Modelo de Bertrand

Class 11: Modelo de Stackelberg

Other videos

Transporte público en Colombia

Undergrad Courses Fall 2013:
  • Microeconomics II (Non competitive markets) - In Spanish (SAVIO)
  • Industrial Organization - In Spanish (SAVIO)
Undergrad Courses Spring 2013:
  • Econometrics I - In Spanish (SAVIO)
  • Microeconomics II (Non perfect Competition) - In Spanish (SAVIO)
  • Economics 101 - In Spanish (SAVIO)
Graduate Courses:
  • Marketing Research (Fall 2012) - In Spanish 
  • Economic Context (Fall 2012) - In Spanish 
Undergrad Courses Fall 2012:
  • Microeconomics III (General Equilibrium and Game Theory) - In Spanish (SAVIO)
  • Industrial Organization - In Spanish (SAVIO)
  • Economics 101 - In Spanish (SAVIO)
Teaching Resources:
  • Equilibrium Simulator (Excel). This template allows to find the equilibrium prices and quatities under a perfectly competitive market and monopoly. It also compares the two equilibria in terms of social welfare (Consumer and Producer Surplus, and Deadweight loss). Download the Excel template here. Descargar el formato en español aquí. HTML version here.
  • Stata Programming Essentials - Social Science Computing Cooperative supports research and instruction across the University of Wisconsin-Madison

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