SEC. 51A-10.102. PURPOSE.

The process of urban growth and development with its alteration of the natural topography, vegetation, and creation of impervious cover can have a negative effect on the ecological balance of an area by causing increases in air temperatures and accelerating the processes of runoff, erosion, and sedimentation. The economic base of the city can and should be protected through the conservation and enhancement of the unique natural beauty, environment, and vegetative space in this area. Recognizing that the general objectives of this article are to promote and protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public, the city council further declares that this article is adopted for the following specific purposes:

(1) To aid in stabilizing the environment's ecological balance by contributing to the processes of air purification, oxygen regeneration, ground-water recharge, and storm water runoff retardation and filtration, while at the same time aiding in noise, glare, wind, and heat abatement.

(2) To provide visual buffering between land uses of differing character to alleviate the harshness of urban life.

(3) To enhance the beautification of the city.

(4) To safeguard and enhance property values and to protect public and private investment.

(5) To conserve energy.

(6) To provide habitat for wildlife.

(7) To encourage the preservation of large trees which, once removed, can be replaced only after generations.

(8) To conserve water.

(9) To recognize and conserve the urban forest as part of the city's green infrastructure.