PD 498 Harry Hines Corridor SPD

This is an abridged ordinance for the review of landscaping. This is provided solely for educational purposes and is not an official document.

PD 498

 PD 498 was established by Ordinance No. 23427, passed by the Dallas City Council on January 
28, 1998. Ordinance No. 23427 amended Ordinance No. 19455, Chapter 51A of the Dallas City Code, as 
amended. Ordinance No. 23427 was amended by Ordinance No. 23862, passed by the Dallas City 
Council on April 28, 1999; Ordinance No. 24678, passed by the Dallas City Council on August 8, 2001; 
and Ordinance No. 25391, passed by the Dallas City Council on October 8, 2003. (Ord. Nos. 19455; 
23427; 23862; 24678; 25391; 26042) 

 PD 498 is established on property generally bounded by the Lyndon B. Johnson Freeway (IH 
635) on the north, Denton Drive and Gemini Lane on the east, Southwell Road on the south, and Reeder 
Road on the west. The size of PD 498 is approximately 309.6339 acres. (Ord. Nos. 23427; 23862; 24678; 

SEC. 51P-498.104.  TRACTS CREATED. 
 Ordinance No. 25391, passed by the Dallas City Council on October 8, 2003, created two tracts in 
this district: Subdistrict 1, Tract I and Subdistrict 1, Tract II. The tracts are described in Exhibits A and B 
attached to Ordinance No. 25391. (Ord. Nos. 25391; 26042)

SEC. 51P-498.110.  LANDSCAPING. 
 (a)  Application
  (1) Front yard strip landscaping and sidewalk provisions become applicable to a lot 
when application is made for a building permit for construction work that: 

   (A)  increases the number of stories in a building on the building site; 

   (B) increases by more than 25 percent or 5,000 square feet, whichever is less, 
the combined floor area of all buildings on the building site; or  

   (C) increases nonpermeable coverage on the lot by more than 1,000 square 
  (2) All other landscaping required in this section must be provided pursuant to 
Section 51A-10.121, “Application of Division.” 

 (b)  Front yard strip landscaping.  An area consisting of a minimum ten-foot-wide permeable 
strip of land along the entire length of the front yard (exclusive of driveways), and immediately adjacent 
to the street right-of-way line, must be landscaped as follows: 

(1) One three-inch caliper large tree must be provided for each 30 feet of street 
frontage, exclusive of driveway frontage, with a minimum of two trees being provided per building site. 
Trees may be planted closer than 30 feet on-center, but may not be planted within a visibility site triangle.  
(2) Existing trees located within the required front yard, which meet the 
requirements of Subparagraph (1) above, shall count towards fulfillment of the front yard strip 
landscaping requirements. 

(3) In addition, shrubs, a minimum of two feet in height at the time of planting and 
planted three feet on center, must be placed within the front yard strip landscaping area, but may not be 
planted within a visibility site triangle. 

(4) Front yard strip landscaping requirements may be met within the public street 
right-of-way if the property owner obtains a parkway landscape permit from the director of public works 
and transportation or a landscape letter of approval from the Texas Department of Transportation, 
whichever applies. [NOTE: License not provided through the PD.]

 (c)  Sidewalks.  A five-foot-wide concrete sidewalk, located four feet in back of and parallel 
to the projected or existing street curb, must be placed within the public right-of-way. 
An existing five foot-wide concrete sidewalk located within the street right-of-way fulfills this requirement.

 (d)  Site area landscaping.  The remainder of the lot must be landscaped in accordance with 
the provisions contained in Article X.  An automatic irrigation system must be provided

 (e)  Protection of landscaped areas.  The placement of barrier curbs or wheel stops is required 
to protect all landscaped areas from vehicular damage. 

 (f)  Completion.  All landscaping must be completed in accordance with the provisions 
contained in Article X and must be maintained in a healthy, growing condition. (Ord. Nos. 23427; 26042)





- increase of stories
- increase by MORE THAN 25% or 5,000 sf of combined floor area of all buildings on site.
-increase of non -permeable coverage by MORE THAN 1,000 sf.

-increase of coverage of 2,000 sf
-increase of floor area of 35%, or 10,000 sf
- increase of stories


Minimum 10' wide permeable strip along front yard adj. to ROW.

1:30' - 3" large tree, w. min. of 2 trees.

Existing trees (3">)

Shrubs - 2' in height at time of planting in FY strip.

May be met in ROW. No license provided in PD.

5' wide, located 4' back of projected or existing curb.

Automatic irrigation required.

Protection - see Article X.

Completion - see Article X.