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My goal in every session is to provide personalized treatment for individual needs.  I tailor your session to focus on whatever is most important to you.  There are no cookie cutter massages here.  I combine specialized training from several different modalities (methods of treatment) to provide effective relief for a myriad variety of physical and mental stresses. 

Having back pain, neck pain, headaches?  Muscles sore from exercise?  Back tired from carrying your new baby?  Shoulders tight from working at the computer?  Just want to relax?  Massage can be effective for all these and much more.  

Client/therapist communication allows me to dial in the perfect massage - Every time!

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Services ~ 

Prices Effective January 1, 2021 ~ 

  • 30 minutes          $60
  • 60 minutes          $120
  • 75  minutes          $150
  • 90 minutes          $180

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please call me at 707-515-8324.

Special Extras

Add something extra special to any massage.  Just ask when you arrive for your appointment.

Foot Steam & Moisturize - Free 
Steaming towels soften dry skin and open pores to allow maximum hydration by decadent chocolate butter cream massaged into the feet. 

Face Steam & Quench - Free
An elixir of organic wild rose hip oil is massaged and then steamed into the face for a super moisturizing treatment.

Deep Heat Therapy - Free
Kwan Loong oil warms & soothes aching muscles.  I add steamed towels for a deep heating treatment that softens and penetrates sore muscles so your massage is more effective and deeply relaxing. 

On Site Therapy is No longer Available!
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I take cash, check, Venmo, or card payments with Square, at my office.  
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