Massage for the Elderly (Geriatric Massage)

Specialized techniques are used to accommodate the changing needs of the aging body, providing that little extra tender loving care.  Great care is taken in the positioning of an elderly client, and once positioned on the massage table, a senior will rarely be asked to move, as is typical with other types of massage. 

Massage sessions can be scheduled from 30 to 60 minutes. Cyndi will adapt the massage to meet the mobility needs of the client.  For example, if the client is wheelchair-bound, your massage therapist will administer massage to the client right in the chair. 

The benefits of geriatric massage are numerous.  Massage can enhance body awareness, sensation and circulation, decrease muscular stiffness, and help to increase joint flexibility.  Furthermore, the benefits of enjoying the simple pleasure of human touch and company for just a brief period of time is priceless for many lonely and depressed seniors.  Careful massage can help provide the elderly with symptomatic relief and enable seniors to extend the vitality in their lives. 

Other Benefits:
Activate the body's natural healing process
Increase blood flow
Balance stressed areas in muscles
Open energy flow
Improve flexibility in joints and muscles
Encourage sound sleep
Promote relaxation
Provide pain relief from fatigue, exertion and headaches

Specialized Training 

I have enjoyed thirty-six hours of specific training through Daybreak Geriatric Massage Institute at California Institute of Massage and Spa Services.  This course focused on a holistic approach to working with elderly clients, treating not just the ailments but the whole person.  Specialized techniques, flexibility and compassion come together to create a nurturing and beneficial experience for this growing population.


30 minutes/$45
60 minutes/$90