Yucatan 2018

perfect weather. flat terrain. good company.

This, 7-day ride through Yucatan, Mexico started Jan 28, 2018 in Cancun, renting bikes there, and taking them on the ADO bus line to Merida. (Thank you, Ellen, from "Elite-Cyclery" in Cancun. ) The actual riding, started Jan 30th in Merida. we stopped at Mayan-ruins and Cenotes (caves with underground water pools) along the route before completing this ride. 4-star hotels cost $50 - $80 per night ( except for Playa-Del-Carmen and Cancun) . Decent roads, light traffic, 75F - 85F during the day. Ben, "CycleBig1@gmail.com"

Chi Chen Itza

Playa Del Carmen.

great pyramid of Chi Chen Itza


Great pyramid of Izamal.


one of the many cenotes we visited on the way. These are underground pools of fresh water which feed off (running) rivers of ground water.