Yucatan 2018

This, 7-day ride through Yucatan, Mexico started Jan 28, 2018 in Cancun, renting bikes there, and taking them on the ADO bus line to Merida. (Thank you, Ellen, from "Elite-Cyclery" in Cancun. ) The actual riding, started Jan 30th in Merida. we stopped at Mayan-ruins and Cenotes (caves with underground water pools) along the route before completing this ride. 4-star hotels cost $50 - $80 per night ( except for Playa-Del-Carmen and Cancun) . Decent roads, light traffic, 75F - 85F during the day. Ben, "CycleBig1@gmail.com"

perfect weather. flat terrain. good company.


Chi Chen Itza

Playa Del Carmen.

great pyramid of Chi Chen Itza


Great pyramid of Izamal.