Roundtable News (updated 10/14/18)

The Civil War Roundtable of the Merrimack will meet on Wednesday, November 14, 2018 at 7:30pm at the Hilton Senior Center on Rte 1, Salisbury, MA. For info on our new venue, see the directions to the Hilton Senior Center in the director.

Our November meeting will feature William F. Quigley, Jr, from the Governor's Academy in Byfield.

Mr. Quigley has a book of interest to us, Pure Heart: the Faith of a Father and Son in the War for a More Perfect Union. The book features the true story of a father and son overlooked in history but lauded in their day as heroes of America's Civil War. Their patriotism and principled civility amid zealous partisanship, racial bigotry, and fiery crusading are lessons for our own time.
In the faithful hearts of that father and his soldier son, we too—like Philadelphians scourged by civil war—might rediscover the "better angels of our nature" that Lincoln sought to summon in the mid-19th-century crisis of American democracy. (taken from the book web site)

While teaching at the Governor's Academy, the nation's oldest nonsectarian boarding school, he came across some letters of an infantry officer to his father. Thus it began.

There's a neat Amesbury connection to this family as well and you'll have to come to the meeting to learn that did bit.

Our speaker has taught for over 30 years and lives in Cape Porpoise, Maine, near Kennebunkport. He'll have books to sell for those interested as well.

November at Gettysburg is a special time each year. In honoring the anniversary of the Gettysburg address, the annual Remembrance Day parade, ceremonies and such take place.

Liz Hallett, president of the CWRT of the Merrimack, has for a number of years now, taken the baton from the Browns and led a group in honoring the New England graves Saturday morning. 

This year, it'll be November 17, 2018 at 8:30am. Liz and husband Bill flag the graves along with some other volunteers on Friday afternoon, and Saturday they're "Remembered" in a  special way.

If you wish to join the group, you need not be a member of any special group and need not be a reenactor, living historian and ancestry society. Just show up! Contact Liz through this web site if you have questions.

Last fall some of our members visited the Grand Army of the Republic hall in Marblehead (pictured), 
which is a time capsule museum. They will be open to free tours from noon - 2pm on the following days: October 27, November 11 (Sunday/Veterans' Day), & December 1.

We round out the year December 2, 2018 with our annual holiday dinner.

As tradition we meet for social hour about 5pm then order off the menu. Order what you wish and dine with friends!

This may be the last at the Hungry Traveler as the restaurant is up for sale. Please join us!

We are nearing the winter and with it comes our elections in February. If you are or know someone interested in taking a more important role in helping to run the roundtable, please contact one of the board members or email: Fresh blood helps any group stay vital an interesting.

And as a teaser for 2019, we will welcome back Wayne Motts, director of the National Civil War Museum in Harrisburg, PA, in June. Go to our web site for the schedule.

Don't forget that we now meet back at the Hilton Senior Center on 43 Lafayette Rd, Salisbury. This venue offers easy access with no stairs and convenience off Rte 1. It's right next to the fire station.

We want to thank many new people for attending our recent meetings! It's great to see so many new faces and we hope if any of you have questions about the group that you let us know.

If you try us out a couple meetings, please consider joining the RT. Dues goes to bringing in speakers, many from far away like Wayne Motts and others.

We also have rent to pay for the use of the Hilton Senior Center and periodically donate money to Civil War preservation causes.