Kingdom of the Bloodstone Lands Campaign

What adventure awaits in the Kingdom of the Bloodstone Lands for a group of brave heroes?

The Bloodstone Lands refers to the region between the Great Glacier and Impiltur, particularly the two former states of Vaasa and Damara, now reunited as The Kingdom of the Bloodstone Lands. The whole area encompasses roughly 150,000 square miles in a roughly triangular shape, using the southern line of the Great Glacier as its northernmost boundary. To the west, beyond the Earthspur Mountains, are the wicked land of Thar, the Moonsea, and the independent citystate of Mulmaster. To the south is Impiltur and beyond that, the Sea of Fallen Stars. To the east looms Narfell and the Great Dale. 


 Adventuring Party Dates Active (CR) Dates Played
01 - Damage, Inc.  1328 - Present 1990-1992, 1997-1998
 02 - Knights of Mistmore 1332-1334 1993
 03 - Dalelands Crew 1342 1996
 04/05 - Broden's Band/Dragon's Demise 1346-13471999-2001 
 06 - Radagast's Band 1357-13592001-2003 
 07 - Simon's Friends 1352-13532003-2005 
 08 - Band of the Hand 13542005-2006 
 09 - Alternate Campaign 1355-13562006-2007 
 10/11 - Eric's Campaign / Castle Whiterock13522007-2012
 12 - The Prophecy 1360 2013-2014
 13 - The Crows 1360-? 2015-?

Note: Starting with The Crows campaign (and for all future campaigns), we have migrated off of Google Sites and all information is now stored on my campaign Wiki (note this is a private Wiki and you'll need to contact me for access).  I am no longer maintaining these pages.  I'll leave this material up here for historical purposes, but over time it will become more and more stale, and it won't reflect any retconning that takes place.