Equipment & Personal Gear

Equipment lists abound and no two are alike. In addition, Scouting finances can be daunting, particularly initially. While Scouting is really no more expensive than many other activities, such as contact sports, the “start-up” cost can be intimidating. This page is designed as a guide of what to buy or rent and help you locate quality gear.

Local and online resources to consider

Bass Pro Shops

13012 Bass Pro Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80921
(719) 488-7300

Alps Mountaineering

Coleman Outlet at Castle Rock

5050 Factory Shops Blvd. #845

Castle Rock, CO 80104

(303) 660-4094


Gearonimo Sports

2727 Palmer Park Boulevard

Colorado Springs, CO 80909
(719) 465-2450


Mountain Chalet

226 N. Tejon St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

(719) 633-0732


Mountain Equipment Recyclers

1024 South Tejon St.

Colorado Springs, CO 80903

(719) 210-6427

Gander Mountain


1376 E Woodmen Rd.

Colorado Springs, CO 80920

(719) 260-1455

Boys Life Gear Buying Guides

Boy Scout Ten Essentials

Boys Life First Aid Kit Buying Guide

**Many of these retailers give discounts to scouts when you show your membership card.

Note: This information is not an endorsement of any particular merchant or vendor.

The first campout—Highest priority equipment

Upon joining the Troop and prior to attending his first camping trip, each Scout will need the following:

  • Class A and Class B uniforms
  • The Boy Scout Outdoor Ten Essentials
  • Boy Scout Handbook, pen, and notebook
  • Lightweight, synthetic-filled, mummy style sleeping bag, 0° or lower rating
  • Sleeping pad, foam or self-inflating
  • Mess kit (we do NOT recommend the bulky metal mess kit, rather get a strong collapsible bowl and a collapsible cup)
  • Eating utensils (a plastic “spork” works great)
  • High quality rain gear (jacket and pants, don't buy a poncho)
  • Cold weather gear (heavy coat, hat, gloves, etc.) Even in the summertime, you need cold weather gear in Colorado for hiking/camping. (Not bringing cold weather gear is by far the most frequent mistake new scouts make.)
  • Water bottle (recommend some type of Nalgene bottle—it’s nearly indestructible)
  • Headlamp (preferred) or flashlight
  • Small personal first-aid kit/survival kit
  • Personal hygiene bag with toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, comb, etc.
  • Duffle bag (or similar) for packing their clothes and equipment

Additional equipment

There is additional equipment that is lower priority but still needed, probably within the first six months:

  • Good quality hiking boots, waterproof is best (Also need heavy, non-cotton hiking socks)
  • High-quality compass (recommend Silva, Suunto, or similar)
  • Backpack (internal or external frame)
  • Backpacking tent (check out models other Troop members have before investing)
  • Pocket knife (Scouts can’t carry one until they earn their Totin’ Chip)
  • Rope
  • Camp Chair (folding)
  • Insect repellent

Please see the attachment below: Personal Gear List for more details, recommended models, etc.

Trudy Griebenow,
Feb 20, 2013, 8:28 AM