'c r e s k'  - "creating awareness" on Women and Child Rights, Consumer Rights, Environment Safety,Health,Hygiene and Pollution Control
 ‘c r e s k’ Projects

Chikun Gunya / Dengue awareness creation program: ‘c r e s k’ conducted a massive electronic campaign and also distributed printed pamphlets in Chennai district during the months of July, August, September of the year 2006 to create awareness on Chikun Gunya and Dengue which helps prevention of  these diseases spreading – More Details on Chikungunya  Dengue

White paper and recommendation to Ministry of Women and Child Rights, Government of India: ‘c r e s k’ developed a research report containing a white paper and recommendations on Child Rights in India (Human Rights – Child Rights in India, A White Paper – July 2006) and submitted to the Ministry.  This white paper is published in Ministry of Women and Child Rights, Government of  India website - More Details
Research report on ‘Chemicals in Personal care products’: ‘c r e s k’ developed a research report analyzing chemicals in personal care products to create awareness among consumers.  This research report and article was published in the leading Consumer Voice magazine, January 2007 - More Details

Environmental issues with Nokia: Nokia (a leading mobile phone manufacturing company) had problems with their BL-5C batteries and launched a massive battery replacement program in India during August 2007.  ‘c r e s k’ raised its concern on Nokia’s plan in disposing the problematic batteries and sought assurance from Nokia that the disposal of these batteries does not affect environment.  Nokia given written assurance to ‘c r e s k’ that they will ensure environment safety while disposing these batteries – More Details

Research report on e-Waste: ‘c r e s k’ developed a research report on electronic waste and provided its recommendations on safe disposal / recycling to Ministry of Environment, Government of India – More Details
Issues with School vans and auto rickshaws: ‘c r e s k’ filed a complaint with State Human Rights Commission (SHRC), Tamilnadu on the issues related to Children who commute to Schools by vans and auto rickshaws and raised its concern on the safety of children.  SHRC has taken action and forwarded this to Ministry of Transport, Tamilnadu Government and later strict rules enforced ensuring the safety of children

Issue with Banks demanding purchase of Insurance policies while opening new savings accounts: ‘c r e s k’ filed a complaint with Banking Ombudsman, Reserve Bank of India on many Nationalised banks demanding purchase of new Insurance policies while customers opening new savings account.  Banking Ombudsman and leading banks like Indian Bank ensured that this is not mandatory for their customers – More Details

Clean and Green Chennai 2010 Project: ‘c r e s k’ conducted (ongoing program till the year 2010) a massive electronic campaign in creating awareness on the need to have clean and green Chennai by means of growing more trees and keeping our surroundings clean  

Child abuse in Schools: ‘c r e s k’ communicated to all the Schools in Chennai referring to a disheartening incident happened to a girl child in a school in Chennai and urged all the schools to formulate action plans and to implement the same on a war-footing basis to avoid child abuse in Schools – More Details