'c r e s k'  - "creating awareness" on Women and Child Rights, Consumer Rights, Environment Safety, Health, Hygiene and Pollution Control
‘c r e s k’"creating awareness"
– founded in 1999 in Chennai is a Non-Profit, Non-Governmental forum.
 Our Key Focus Areas include creating awareness on:
  • Human Rights (especially Child and Women Rights)
  • Consumer Rights
  • Environment Safety and Pollution Control
  • Health and Hygiene

Our Goal

  • Contribute research reports to Ministries and Governmental forums and recommend  strategies to eradicate poverty, to make education available to all etc  
  • Create awareness by publishing articles to newspapers, magazines and other medias
  • Issue Pamphlets and electronic campaigns to the society (mainly to School Students) on issues like health, environment and child rights etc.
  • Conducting Essay Contests to School Students
  • Extend help to the underprivileged and the needy
  • Conduct Surveys and publish key Findings to public