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I'm compiling a list of "pocketknives" for game developers, in that they're tools (not just resources) that:

  1. do One Thing Well
  2. are portable, as in, permissive license, exports usable data, and fits in any workflow.
  3. are free web apps, so there's no cost, no download time, and no cross-platform issues.

After reading the comments, I've loosened the 'web app' criteria, (marked with an asterisk) as long as they're still free & cross-platform. And as great as downloadable tools like Audacity & Blender are, I'd like to keep the spotlight on the lesser-known gems.

Here's what we've got so far:







Resources (Not really "tools", but they're still quick one-stop websites.)

Surely I've missed a few. If you know of a good "gamedev pocketknife", leave it in the comments, and I'll update the list above! (and credit you for the suggestion) Or, if you want to request a type of tool, I'll add it to the list below. Don't worry about being too specific!

Does anyone know of free web apps for:

SAY WHAT? #1 Post of All-time on r/gamedev?

Thank you all for the overwhelming response! Just today, this list has grown from ten entries to dozens of tools. Making this list has surely helped me, and hopefully it's helped some of you too! There's also a lot of great discussion in the comments below, ranging from web apps to Wolfram.

Stay awesome, r/gamedev.