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As usual some confusion(s) may arise due to the organization & style of the site(s) associated with the course(s),  Fortunately, many of the sites allow for SGC, that is student-generated content, which might come to the rescue! See also the discussion taken from serious @ facebook, and judge for yoursel(f/ves):

from creative technology:

let's be serious:
‎... to study serious gaming in a social context ...http://www.cs.vu.nl/~eliens/serious
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    • Jan Kolkmeier Click the link, click all the links. Maybe confusion is your source of creativity, too.(..)
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from serious gaming:

Check out their übersharp website as well:

We are Sauropod studio, a two man team based in Montréal, Canada, made of François (left) and Germain (right). We have both studied game design in university, and after graduating, thought we could make a living out of making games independently. We hope that with Castle Story we will soon be able t...
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    • Klaasjan Ouwens ‎...eerlijk gezegd bedoelde ik het heel nuchter vanuit usability-perspectief, maar zo te merken heeft de site meer/andere taken dan ik dacht
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    • Daan Van Den Berg Hahahaha. Sorry Anton, ik ben bang dat ik het met ze eens been, maar één ding is zeker: je hebt buitengewoon kritisch publiek en dat lijkt me een erg goede zaak.
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from creative technology [6/2/2013]:
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