Working Groups

WG1: Co-ordinator : Professor Ersilia Menesini
Sharing of developing expertise in knowledge base and measurement techniques across researchers, organisation the workshop.


WG2: Co-ordinator : Dr. Iain Coyne

Sharing of input from outside the research community; specifically, from legal experts

and from mobile phone companies and internet service providers; oganisation
of Workshop 2.


WG3: Co-ordinator : Professor Maritta Valimaki

Sharing of already nationally published guidelines, and recommended coping strategies, in different countries, including positive uses of new technologies in the relationships area; organisation of Workshop 3.


WG4: Co-ordinator: Dr. Vera Boronenko

Actively initiate and organise short exchanges, co-supervision of students, and any

additional small workshops or meetings that may be necessary.


WG5: Co-ordinator : Professor Sonja Perren

Sharing of research on coping strategies, in different countries, and of research that

will inform the work on guidelines carried out by Working Group 3.


WG6: Co-ordinator : Professor Angela Costabile

Positive uses of new technologies, in relationships in educational settings.

    Nationally published guidelines related to cyberbullying and use of new technologies Download