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Taken between 1951 and 1953 Rugby Team

Top Row 1st pupil ?, 2nd Garner, 3rd John(?) Nichols, 4th Graham Owen, 5th Barry(?) Humphries, 6th Brian Evans, 7th (?) 8th Garner, 9th David Cheyne, 10th Tony Maycock.

Bottom row: 1st Brian "Clicker" Clerk, 2nd ?, 3rd ?, 4th Brian Wileman, 5th Derek May, 6th (?) 7th (?). 

 (can anyone identify the masters?)

Taken between 1951 and 1953.

Soccer team: top row first pupil left David Cheyne, 2nd John Nichols(?) 3rd Brian Wileman, 4th Brian Evans, 5th Graham Owen, 6th ?
 bottom row 1st ? 2nd Tony Maycock, 3rd left Brian "Clicker Clarke, 4th ? 5th ?  
[and Mr. Hall of course - but who is the other master]  

Taken between 1951 and 1953.

Athletics team: top row 1st left David Cheyne, 2nd Graham Owen, 3rd Brian Wileman, 4th ? 5th Ralph Greenough.
middle row: 1st Dorothy Grainger, 2nd Daddy Lamb, 3rd. Brian Clarke, 4th Tony Maycock. 5th ?, 6th ?, 7th ? 8th Pat Thompson 
bottom row: 1st ?, 2nd ?. 3rd Wendy Maycock, 4th ?, 5th Christine Warner (?) 6th ?, 7th ?  

Taken between 1951 and 1953.

Thought to be the swimming team:   2nd row  7th left David Cheyne, 3rd row 6th left Tony Maycock 

David Cheyne the school's head boy in 1952/3 winning the 100 yds at a inter college championship meeting at the Butts Stadium a photograph which appeared in the Coventry Evening Telegraph. 

Taken about 1967-68.

Back row: David Morgan, Clive Payne, Ray McCusscar, Ian Wilson, Barry Hetherington, Alan Bennet, Len Heanes, ?, ?, Romic Petascovski

Front: Graham Lester, David Walton, Roger Sharp, Robert Bell, Ian Woolford, Richard Jenkins, Henry Berry


Football team 1964

Back row, left to right:  ??, ??, Mr. George Lewis, ??*, Walter Blakeman, ??.
Front row, left to right:  Bernard West*, ??, Les Payne, Steve Rose, Cliff Fletcher, ??, Billy Shields.
* nickname "Singe" after burning hair on bunsen burner in first Science lesson

Mr. G. Lewis taught maths and instituted the school's first chess club.  He was later employed by the Authority to help Primary teachers with the teaching of maths, his centre was in Manor Park School, Cheylesmore.   Later still he moved to Exeter


Rugby Team 1963 - 64
Back Row : Alan Smith, David Castledine, Douglas Allsopp, Mr. Fairbrother (P.E. Master), Richard Williams, David Bray, Geoffrey Brassington.
Front Row:  Alan Thompson, Stuart Wilkes, Michael Hackford, John Thomas, Peter Silvester, Peter Bray, 
John Ellis, Michael Riley, Paul Grimes.

1962/1963 ?  

Back row: Roy Dewis, Roger Thorpe, Gwyn Evans, John Haydon, Rob Wainwright, Peter Wileman

Front Row: Mick Davison (or Davidson) Tony Grey, Les Powell, Roger Billinge, Bernard Whithouse. 

Netball Team  1962/1963

Gillian Woodier, Julie Russell, Margaret Hartshorn, Pearl Chatwin,

Brenda Tideswell, Pamela Fletcher, Lynne Jones, Diane Thomas, Barbara Billinge.


Chris Wilson, Tony Williams, Mick Phillips - circa Sept. 1961


1960 - 1961 

Back Row: Prichard, Gibbs, Wisdom, Marsh, Kirby, Munns, Birch, ??, Philips 

Front Row: ??, Gee, Bardon, Baker, Wheatley, Nutter, ??. ??, Cunnigham 



 Shirley Judd 1959/60

 The Under 14 Cricket team in 1959

Mr. D. Maund      David Cole (possibly).    Jim Cunningham   ?,    ?,    Stuart Land.   John Woodfield,   David Barnett

?,   ?,   ?,    Malcolm Pritchard (possibly),   Palmer,     Richard Youngjohns

Ron Steele    ?.   Les Powell (possibly)

1957 -a bumper year for school photographs!

Quite clearly in 1957a photographer must have spent a whole day taking group photographs.  He seems to have focused on school leavers and various sports teams.  All the photographs were taken in the school hall.  This seems to have been the only year it happened, so its for this year only that class photographs have been submitted for this website.


Form 4s 1957

Top Row left to right.     Bob Wilson   ?   Bill Morgan   Ronald Hickingbottom   ?

Middle Row  Colin Maynard  George Rushton  Georgina Lax   Grace Evitts     Pauline Smith     Dorreen Lee      Gillian Park   

Graham Norbury  John Nicholls

Bottom Row    ?      ?      Dianne Dewis   Mr Gasgoyne  Yvonne Evans    Pamela Buck  Dianne Davies


Mr. Cook's class 1957.  Which included 4T, all boys, (the first year it had existed) 

and perhaps 4C (Commercial?) all girls.

Alan Chambers has identified himself  as being 2nd from the left on the bottom he was youngest in the class. 

The two photos below were almost certainly taken on the same day as the photos above -  the top photo shows the fifth form with their form master Mr. Jenkins.  The bottom photo shows Mr Hall and Ms. Nancy Wells, the then head female teacher, the head boy, Ted Laban, next to Ms. Wells and the head girl, Gail Lawrence, next to Mr Hall.  The other pupils I assume are the school prefects. Clicking on the two images will produce only a slightly larger version.  I'm hoping that better versions of these two photographs will eventually turn up.  

There seems little doubt that the 1957 staff photo shown on the "Members of Staff" page was also  taken on the same day as the three photos above - and perhaps so too was the photo shown below.  

Netball Team

Back Row L to R:  Joan Aldrige - Maxine Low - Shella Nelmes - Rita Frogatt - Jill ? - Barbabra Clarke - ? - Pat Duncan - Jennifer Nixon

Front Row:  Barbara Williams - Barbabra Coward - Brenda Lambard  - Carole Westhead - Brenda Howarth - Lesley Shepherd - Olive Nightingale - Janice Youngjohns

This photograph appeared in the Coventry Evening Telegraph in May 2008 - it shows the school's Cross Country team in 1957 - if you click on to the image you will get a larger version but on its side!  Hopefully anyone who want to look at the individuals more closely can print off the larger image.  Nearly all the lads shown in the photo, if they are still with us, must now be on a pension !  

Cureton,  Sherwin,  Purser,  Beresford,  Owens,  Barden,  Norman Tyswell, Tricket, Compton, Varney, Roy More, Jesse

Lee, Froggett, Steel, ?,  Atkins,  Hemmings,  Leeson,  Whitehouse,  Grundy

Underhaill, Cox, Warner, ?, Moore, Moore, Grffiths, Warner, Moore. 

 Below is the article that went with the photograph - click on to it to obtain a larger image.




Possibly 1956 or 1957

Prichard, ??, ??, Baker, ??, Cunnighham

Goode, Wheatley, Froggitt, Freemantle, ?? 

(The shot appears to be taken at the school's main entrance which pupils, if I recall correctly, rarely past through.) 

The above photograph was provided by Derek Leadbeater who thinks it features a lad called Michael Hackford. It was seemingly taken on a sport's day around 63/64. 

The above photo shows Derek Leadbeater on a tandem he bought for £2 10s.  The lad on the back is Geff Woolridge


 Some of Copthornes earliest pupils circa 1953.  left to right  Rodney Peake, Angela Watkins, Glenys Evans, Carol Harrison and Geoffrey Escott (the boy standing behind the girls has not been identified) .  It was Carol who supplied this photograph and despite how young looking the group is she is confident they were all then pupils at Copthorne otherwise she would not have known some of them.