The Cochise County Rock

Monthly Newsletter of the Sunsites Gem & Mineral Club

“Finding and Grinding Rocks in Cochise County, Arizona since 1962”

January 2007

This issue edited by Don Hammer


January Meeting – Monday the 8th at 7 pm at the

Sunsites Community Center

Debbie Leschner, the Arizona Director for the Rocky Mountain Federation of Mineralogical Societies, will join us. She is bringing a new DVD produced by the RMFMS entitled Rockhounds: The Movie. It is a 55 minute film by rock hounds about rock hounds.

December Christmas Party

A festive atmosphere, great food, and a jovial celebrating group of 32 members and guests. That was the Club Christmas party. Jeannine Paterson did an outstanding job of organizing a wonderful party. Carol Pontious and Karen Grassell each cooked a delicious 20 lb turkey and dressing and everyone else brought a potluck dish. We all ate too much but we kicked off the holiday season in fine style. Once again everyone helped with the cleanup in the kitchen and hall and we had the center back to normal by 8 pm. Our thanks to Jeannine, her cooks and her decorating, setup and cleanup crews for a great time.

January Field Trip

Bob and Barbara Fenner will lead us to a mine site in the Dragoon Mining District. Meet north of the railroad tracks in Dragoon at 9 am on Sunday January 21. High clearance or 4WD are not needed. Bring the usual digging tools, buckets, lawn chairs, lunch and water. We will be picking and digging in tailings searching for chrysocolla, turquoise, a popcorn aragonite with nice fluorescence and related copper minerals.

Fire Agate

For those of you that might be interested in seeing some very nice fire agate beautifully mounted, the next time you are in Sierra Vista stop by Sun Country Gems & Jewelry at 1299 E. Fry Blvd. They have a collection of fire agate jewelry created by a local lady that is very nice.

Lapidary and Silversmithing

Interested in lapidary? It appears we may have a Thursday afternoon and a Saturday afternoon session – call Irvin Pontious – 824-0110.

Silver soldering and silver smithing – classes are forming – call Don Hammer - 384-3105.

Club Calendar


4 Board Meeting

8 Regular Meeting

21 Field Trip


8 Board Meeting

12 Regular Meeting

17 Field Trip


8 Board Meeting

12 Regular Meeting

18 Field Trip


5 Board Meeting

9 Regular Meeting

14 Field Trip


10 Board Meeting

14 Regular Meeting

20 Field Trip


7 Board Meeting



Field Trip


Field Trip


6 Board Meeting

10 Regular Meeting

15 Field Trip


4 Board Meeting

8 Regular Meeting

14 Field Trip


8 Board Meeting

12 Regular Meeting

17 Field Trip


6 Board Meeting

17 Christmas Party

Upcoming Regional Events

January 19-21,2007, Globe, AZ. 50th Annual Gila County Gem & Mineral Show. Gila County Fairgrounds. Contact Gill Morrow 928.812.0561, Clyde Caviness 928.425.7200.

March 8 – 11, 2007 Deming Gem & Mineral Society Inc. 42nd Annual Rocks,Gems, Minerals, Geode Cutting, Auctions, Daily Door Prizes, Guided Field Trips, Breakfast & Lunch & More. Phone (505) 544-8643.

March 16-18, 2007, Albuquerque, NM. 38th Annual ABQ Gem & Mineral Club’s show. Contact Paul Hlava 505.255.5478

June 7-10, 2007. Rocky Mountain Federation Annual Convention & Show. Roswell, NM. Hosts: Chaparral Rockhounds. Chairman: Frank Whitney 505.623.3236 This is a joint convention with the American Federation of Mineralogical Societies and being this close, a real opportunity for us to see what these organizations are all about.

Club Officers for 2007

President Paul McKnight 520 824-4054

Vice-President Jack Weller 520-826-0625

Secretary Carol Pontious 520 824-0110

Treasurer Walt Sigel 520-826-1009

Delegate at Large Jack Light 520-384-4774

Dues are due. $10 for individual and $20 for family. Please mail your check to Sunsites Gem & Mineral Club, PO Box 87, Pearce, AZ 85625.

Wulfenite is a lead molybdate mineral with the formula PbMoO4. It can be most often found as thin tabular crystals with a bright orange-red to yellow-orange color, sometimes brown, although the color can be highly variable. In its yellow form it is sometimes called "yellow lead ore". Wulfenite is named for Franz Xavier von Wulfen (1728-1805), an Austrian mineralogist. Wulfenite is found in many localities, associated with lead ores. A secondary mineral associated with the oxidized zone of lead deposits. Wulfenite is a heavy mineral with a specific gravity of 6.5-7.0. Wulfenite is in the tetragonal system, often stubby, pyrimidal, tabular, massive, granular, and earthy. It shows a white streak, and has a hardness of 2.75 - 3.0 on Mohs Hardness scale. A secondary ore of molybdenum, sought after by collectors. The Wikipedia page has a wulfenite photo from the Defiance Mine, Cochise County, Arizona. Anyone know where that mine is?


P.O. Box 87

PEARCE, AZ 85625