New Member Information

Membership Application:

If you are interested in joining the Sunsites Gem and Mineral Club, please complete the Membership Application form at the bottom of this page and return it to the Club using the PO Box or the email address on the top of the membership allocation form. The cost of membership is shown on the membership application form.

New Member Information:

New Members are asked to read the Club’s By-Laws, which outline the governance of the Club, as well as the duties of the officers of the Club. Please refer to the By-Laws tab (on the Home page) for more information.

New Members are also required to be familiar with the rules for the Club. Although most of us do not like rules, the Club outings are often on private land and are in areas where caution is required in order to avoid injury (e.g. rock quarries and mines). Also, the Club offers, to its members, use of lapidary equipment. And improper use of this equipment can lead to injury. Therefore, it is important f(or legal, safety, and liability reasons) that Club members are familiar with and follow the rules established by the Club. Please refer to the Rules tab (on the Home page) for more information.

Information for Guests:

Guests may participate in Club activities as a “temporary member”, as outlined in the Article III, section 1.1 of the By-Laws. Please refer to the By-Laws tab (on the Home page) for more information.

Dues and Fees:

Members of the Club must pay an annual dues amount in order to continue to enjoy the activities of the Club. There is no fee for use of the Club’s lapidary equipment, but guests are not allowed to use the lapidary equipment.

Temporary Members (i.e. guests) are required to pay a nominal fee in order to participate in a Club outing. This fee covers the cost of insurance that is paid by the Club.

Although the Club does not charge the public to attend one of its presentations, the Community Center (where the Club meets) charges all users of the Community Center a fee of $1 per person per event. This money is collected by the Club and passed directly to the Community Center.