1. Membership is open to owners of 4 wheel drive vehicles, by invitation , who have participated in at least 3 club activities, one of which the prospective members vehicle must be used on trail, and attended 3 meeting all within a 6 month period.
  2. After prospective members have met the requirements they will be voted on, by closed ballot, for membership at a club meeting by majority vote of the members present, dues must be paid at the time of joining the club.
  3. Membership is unlimited.
  4. Each member must hold a valid drivers license and have adequate insurance coverage.
  5. Members must show proof of a valid driver’s license and insurance coverage if asked to do so by any club officer at any time. If the member fails to show proof, then he/she will not be allowed to participate in any club run until they can show proof.
  6. Rollbars and seatbelts are mandatory in soft top vehicles; seat belts in hard top vehicles. Each person in a vehicle must have a seat belt. Fire extinguisher and a shovel are also mandatory.
  7. To remain in good standing, a club member must attend 3 meetings and 3 club activities a year.
  8. All members must conduct themselves in a responsible, respectable, and orderly fashion at all times.
  9. Upon resignation of a club member or the sale of a vehicle, club stickers must be removed from the vehicle.

  1. CA4WDC dues are $45.00 a year (July 1 to June 30). These dues are to be paid to the treasurer at the June 1 membership meeting so we can have time to send them to the CA4WDC before the due date. These dues must be paid on time to remain in the club.
  2. Club membership dues are $15.00 a year per household. These dues are due at the June 1 membership meeting. Total: $60.00. There will be no grace period.
  3. Initial club membership dues are $25.00 + Cal4WDC $45.00. Total: $70.00. Includes (1) Club Decal for your rig. Dues are prorated based on the date you become a member.
  4. Additional Club Decals are available for $5.00 each for current members.
  5. Club Windshield Decals are available for $15.00 each for current members.
  6. Club Apparal: Shirts, Sweatshirts and Hats are available to current members.
Any member who does not pay their dues by June 1 will not be allowed to attend any club activities and will not be allowed to vote until dues are paid in full. These members’ dues will not be pro-rated.

  • As a member you receive a membership card, decals, and a dash plaque.
  • You receive a full color bi-monthly magazine, the InGear. It contains information about club activities.
  • Legislation, events, trails, and 4WD products.
  • Eligibility to participate in all association-sponsored events.
  • The right to participate in all association matters through either our club, individual or associate member delegate.
  • Special email alerts on public land matters and related issues.
  • List of business associate members (many of whom provide discounts to associating members).
  • Access to our annual club directory. 

Club Roster: Members Only