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Community Outreach

Clovis FEST:

We were out at Clovis Fest the weekend of October 28-29, 2017. Prior Moonlight Apparel was available for purchase. Moonlight Madness 2018 Registration Fliers will be available as well as Membership Information. Hope you can come by and say hello! 

October means falling autumn leaves, changing weather and the Table Mountain Casino ClovisFest and Kaiser Permanente & Moore Than SEO Hot Air Balloon Fun Fly, a Clovis Chamber Event. Join thousands of Clovis and Fresno locals in visiting Old Town Clovis for free, family fun at the upcoming 42nd Annual ClovisFest!

Tickets are available!! Come see us at our booth and get your ticket for the chance to win this trailer.. The drawing will be on Sunday, October 29 at Clovis Fest!! 

This year’s event has been given a big facelift with the addition of long-awaited new attractions like the Sol-Tek Industries, Inc. ClovisFest International Village – where you and your family will experience cultural adventures and wonderful live performances. We’ve worked hard to enhance this year’s event including a wide range of hot air balloons, children’s pony rides, and a fun petting zoo on 7th Street.