What's going on with your teenager? Teens show stress in ways which are confusing to many adults.

• They may sometimes be sullen, withdrawn, defiant, secretive, and even self destructive.
• They may seem like a new person every day.
• They crave independence but are still learning how to reason through good decisions.
• They don’t always foresee the consequences of their actions.
• They often have difficulty understanding the importance of honoring their commitments.

Teenagers are building their own unique identity. This is a good thing! They need freedom to express themselves and safely experiment with different ideas of who they are. They need your respect, support, and guidance.

Therapy with teens starts with building trust and connection. Even if they have the most open minded parents, teenagers may still be unwilling to talk to their parents about the problems they are dealing with, simply because they are their parents.

Because I am a caring adult, but not their parent, it is usually easier for them to open up and explore issues which they would be reluctant to discuss with a parent. In therapy, I can support their developing self-esteem, help them move toward responsible independence and assist them in focusing on their intellectual and emotional growth.