Families of Special Needs Children

I am the parent of children with special needs. This has given me valuable experience and understanding of the challenges and stresses faced by families of children who have special needs.

By the time many children with developmental delays or learning challenges are diagnosed, their parents have been living in confusion and frustration for months or even years. Talking to someone who has been through the same thing can help.

Parenting a child with special needs is very demanding and you may struggle with:

• accepting your child’s diagnosis
• feeling frustrated, impatient, hopeless, or isolated
• dealing with people who misunderstand or judge you (or your child) for your child’s difficulties
• envying parents whose children are neurotypical, or without special needs
• finding good resources

Together, we can explore your sadness, impatience and frustration. We can identify parenting strategies that will be helpful. We can also focus on couple and family dynamics.

Your child is depending on you, and getting the support you need will help you to be strong for them. By understanding the role that your child’s challenges play in your personal and family life, you can move toward embracing your child’s unique challenges and celebrating their gifts.