Why do families seek therapy?

• Families come to therapy because of conflict and concern among the members.
• Family members react to stress differently; these reactions combine to form the family's dynamics.
• Dynamics are behaviors that are re-enacted again and again by each person in the family.
• When a family gets stuck in one pattern of behaving when they are under stress, it may be unhealthy.
• Family members may be wondering, "Why do we keep having these same problems over and over?"

We work together to understand the stresses, reveal and understand the roles family members play, and consider the ways in which they can change. We take stock of family members’ needs and figure out how to meet their needs. We can begin to carve out new roles for family members which reflect each one’s unique contributions and help each of them grow within healthy supportive family relationships. Family members also learn to identify early signs of troublesome dynamics, and have in place strategies for quickly dealing with them before they get overwhelming.