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3- Magic


We will begin this lesson watching the 'Magia, one more chance'.

If you want to know more about this proyect click here http://gaurmazedonia.blogspot.com.es/2012/12/la-magia-como-recurso-educativo.html

To finish the initial part, the pupils will present their magic tricks. (They thought and they found some magic tricks at home)


When we have seen their magic tricks, we will watch some magic tricks.

Awesome magic trick

You can find a lot of magic tricks in these webpages Science and magic & Easy bar tricks 

Good tricks

List Magic Tricks

The pupils will rehearse the magic tricks, they will be divide in groups.


The pupils will make the magic show with their magic tricks.

Remember write your script:

PRESENTATION (Present yourselves)

NUB (Do your magic trick)

ENDING (Farewell)