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1- Mime and clowns


  • First, we will watch this "Sketch" of "TRICICLE"

The best TRICICLE's sketches

When you will watch this video you have to answer these questions:
Is it easy to communicate without words?
When do you know if your partner is happy or sad?
How do you represent your feelings without words?

  • Second, look these faces. They represent states of emotion:

  • Improvisational games with objects: 

    • We place in a circle in pairs or trios. In the center place different materials: ball, bites, rope, hoop, cone ...They are asked to consider each pair give each material a utility that is not their own and go on to represent it. 

        • For example: Two mediums with a magic ball (ball), a hunter with a rifle (pica) ...

  • Communication games:
    • In groups of four.
    • Each group is given a card with a number of movie titles. 
    • Each group should represent the title. Not the content of the film but words. 
    • All other groups must guess. The rate and guess who comes to represent the film.


        Create a small representation in groups of four. You can create a story using emotions´ faces and daily situations (Have lunch, go training, be in class, get up or go to bed...)

Julián Sanz Mamolar,
16 feb. 2012 1:39