Community Yoga Links

The focus of community yoga is the betterment of the health and wellness of our communities and not our profit margins. Community yoga centers offer not only yoga at reasonable cost but also opportunities to be part of a gathering individuals dedicated to service to others. Community/Service yoga is sometimes called Karma Yoga. Besides Yoga Leela, there are other community yoga places that serve various neighborhoods in Cincinnati. Here's a brief list--which is not at all comprehensive--of various community yoga centers.

Project Yoga

Project Yoga serves the following communities (please click the links to find out more about the programs or contact

Gina Fennell 513.824.9709)

Give Back Yoga

Crystal Judge

4138 Hamilton Ave (Northside)

Cincinnati, OH 45223

(513) 301-9397



Brian Shircliff

3925 Montgomery Rd (Norwood) •

Cincinnati, OH • 45212

(513) 300-5174