R&L's 15-minute Yoga Session

(printable 3-page pdf at the bottom of the page)

Suggested Routine:

(Give at lest one minute per posture and 2-3 minutes for each salutation series. It is better to do fewer postures than rush through all of them.)

  • Cat-Cow: Start on your hands and knees (table top). Slowly do 3 to 4 sets of Cat-Cow sequence, progressively increasing the height/ depth of the pose with each repetition.



  • Sun Salutation A (repeat twice)
    • One Balance Pose (either tree or dancer)



    • One Forward Bend (one knee at a time or both knees bent)

Head-to-knee(s) forward bend

    • One reverse table top or reverse plank

Reverse table top

Reverse plank

    • One Supine Position (Locust or Bow)



    • One Seated Twist (both sides)

Queen of the fishes/pretzel

One leg extended twist

Bound angle/butterfly

Corpse pose