The Cincinnati Yoga Leela group usually meets Mondays and Wednesdays at 7 pm at the Gathering at Northern Hills, 460 Fleming Road, Cincinnati OH 45231. Please come in a bit early (6:45?) to help set up the room and warm up. If this is your first time attending, email us at to let us know that you're coming.

What type of yoga is it?
It will be a mixture of a slow-paced hatha yoga with some vinyasa flow to get the heart rate up a bit. It will NOT be a beginning-to-end fast-paced asthanga 
class. We may slow things down or speed it up to suit the students.

Is there a fee?
No, because the instructors believe yoga should not be commercialized. However, it would be good karma if we could reimburse the fellowship for the space and utilities. So we're suggesting a donation based on a sliding scale of $1 to $10 per class.

What should I bring with me?

Please bring a yoga mat (most department stores have them) and a bottle of water. If you have a block, it would be useful for some asanas but it's not necessary.

What is leela?
Leela in Sanskrit means play. Although yoga is a serious mind-body-spirit practice that is thousands of years old, it lends itself to a sense of child-like play.

No time for a full yoga session?
Try our 15-minute yoga series. Click here----->    15-minute Yoga Session

Questions or comments: Email us at Yoga-Leela is an offering of We ALL Belong.