Cincinnati Yoga Leela

Play with Intention

Yoga (Connection) Leela (Play)

The Cincinnati Yoga Leela Community meets at

Wyoming Rec Center (9940 Springfield Pike):

Mondays: 6:45 pm to 8 pm (7 to 8 during summer, starting May 20th)Sundays 4 to 5:15 pm

Woodlawn Comm Center (10050 Woodlawn Blvd):

Wednesdays: 6:45 pm to 8 pm

A&HT Church (Burns & Worthington Ave, Wyoming, OH)

Thursdays: 6 to 7 pm

Here are the directions to our practice locations.

Although all classes are intermediate level, the Friday and Sunday classes are relatively easier than the weekday ones. Of course, in any class you can modify the asanas (postures) and vinyasas (flows) up or down to suit your needs that day. This is your sariram (body) and your sadhana (practice). We are here as your community to respect, accept and affirm you as you are.

Please come in 10 to 15 minutes early to check in, meet and greet and warm up. If this is your first time attending, email us at to let us know that you're coming.

How much does it cost?

One has the option of paying a walk-in fee of $6 or buying a punch card for 10 classes on a sliding scale of $50 to $200. This will help support Yoga Leela's mission to take yoga to under-served areas of Cincinnati. Click here for more details about becoming a community member.

What should I bring with me?

We have additional yoga mats if you don't have one but eventually you may want to buy your own (most department stores have them). Bring a bottle of water if needed. If you have a block, strap, etc., they would be useful for some asanas but they are not required.

Most important of all, it's important not to bring a Western mindset to an Eastern spiritual practice. Competitiveness and constant yearning for achievement to feed the ego are counterproductive to yoga-stithih (the state of yoga). Yoga-stithih is the peace which one feels as one's body, mind and spirit come together. This is the goal of yoga. Yoga is not just a fitness but a wellness practice.

Questions or comments: Email us at

Yoga-Leela is an offering of We ALL Belong.