The Cincinnati Yoga Leela group meets 
  • Sundays at Wyoming Recreation Center (9940 Springfield Pike, Cincinnati 45215) at 4:00 pm (to 5:45 pm)
  • Mondays and Wednesdays at the Gathering at Northern Hills (460 Fleming Road, 45231) at 6:45 pm (to 8 pm)
Please come in 10 to 15 minutes early to help set up the room and warm up. If this is your first time attending, email us at to let us know that you're coming. 

WRC: Sundays 3:45 pm

GNH: Mon & Wed, 6:45 pm

What type of yoga is it?
The usual Western practice of yoga is either slow (as in many hatha yoga classes) or repetitive (as in many astanga/power yoga studios). We believe that with hundreds of yoga postures handed down the centuries, there is no need to be repetitive. We may
slow things down or speed it up to suit the students.

Yoga is an active form of meditation. It is a meditation of movement that brings the body, mind and spirit together. Students are encouraged to embark upon their own internal spiritual journeys even as they flow with the class. Breathing is also emphasized as a way of creating mindfulness.

These are multi-level classes. The only thing that is NOT optional is breathing.:)

Is there a set fee?
No, because the instructors believe that it is not in the spirit of yoga to turn away anyone who cannot pay. However, it would be good karma for those of us with resources to reimburse the venue toward the space and utilities. So we're suggesting a donation based on a sliding scale of $1 to $10 per class.

What should I bring with me?

Please bring a yoga mat (most department stores have them) and a bottle of water if needed. If you have a block, it would be useful for some asanas but it's not necessary.

Questions or comments: Email us at Yoga-Leela is an offering of We ALL Belong.

Yoga Leela Performance Art Event

What is leela?

Our style of yoga is called yoga leela, leela meaning play. We hope people bring a sense of child-like play to their practice. When you're a child, you're stress-free because you don't have a past to regret and a future to be anxious about. Just like a child, you live in the moment. You concentrate and anchor your soul to the here-and-now. You focus on your breath, the music, the dance of the spine with the earth (another definition of yoga), and the movement of muscle against tendon, ligament and bone. Nothing else exists for the duration of the practice. This leela, this play, is an hour-long vacation from adulthood.

No time for a full yoga session?
Try our 15-minute yoga series. Click here----->    15-minute Yoga Session