My research focuses on international financial crises, exchange rate policy, international trade and international finance often with a long-run perspective. I have some recent work in the area of public health and economics. More info on me is here. Also have a look at my pages on REPEC, Google Scholar, and at the NBER. Follow me on Twitter @cmicmeissner


A Note on Long-Run Persistence of Public Health Outcomes in Pandemics (with Peter Z. Lin)

    • VoxEU (video) talk here, coverage in The Conversation here

Health vs. Wealth? Public Health Policies and the Economy During Covid-19 (with Peter Z. Lin)

Original Sin and The Great Depression (with Michael Bordo)

International Competition and Adjustment: Evidence from the First Great Liberalization (with Stephane Becuwe and Bertrand Blancheton)

Austerity and the Rise of the Nazis (Journal of Economic History with Gregori Galofré-Vilà, Martin McKee, and David Stuckler) Press coverage from Newsweek, Vox, and Spiegel Online

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Christopher M. Meissner, Professor of Economics

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