• Professor of Economics at the University of California, Davis 
  • Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER). 
My research focuses on international financial crises, exchange rate policy and international trade and finance often with a long-run perspective on each. More info is here. Also have a look at my pages on REPEC, Google Scholar, and at the NBER. Follow me on Twitter.


Geography, Income, and Trade in the 21st Century (with Dan Liu)

Austerity and the Rise of the Nazis (with Gregori Galofré-Vilà, Martin McKee, and David Stuckler

Upstart Industrialization and Exports, Japan 1880-1910 (with John P. Tang)

The Economic Consequences of the 1953 London Debt Agreement (with Gregori Galofré-Vilà, Martin McKee, and David Stuckler)

Fiscal and Financial Crises (with Michael Bordo)

Stages of Diversification: France, 1836-1938 (with Stephane Becuwe and Bertrand Blancheton) 

Geography, Policy, or Productivity? Regional Trade in Five South American Countries, 1910-1950 (with Anna Carreras Marin and Marc Badia Miro)