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Association of UK Media Librarians

Computer assisted journalism.

Conversions -

For online conversions.

Dictionary - Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing "FOLDOC"

Deja Vu

'This site is devoted to the history of the web. Not only will we remind you by telling what the web was like.'


'The place to turn to for the latest and widest range of public service information'.


Comprehensive directory of Europe's national libraries; information on online resources including catalogues, databases and webservers.

Greenwich Mean Time

History of the Internet

Internet Archive Wayback Machine

This wonderful site archives old versions of sites.

The Internet Public Library


'JournalismNet is a working journalist's guide to the Net -- 200 different web pages with over 6,000 links designed to help journalists (and anyone else) find useful information fast.'

Law - UK Statute Law Database

Living Library

Collection of reference resources.

The Phone Book

Links to international online telephone directories.

Postcode/Address Finder

From Royal Mail.

Quotes - Wikiquote

'free online compendium of quotations in every language, including sources (where known), translations of non-English quotes'

Statistics (UK)

From the Higher Education Statistics Agency.

Statistics (UK) - National Statistics Online

Telephone Directories on the Web

From, Inc.

Time Out


Shows you were the traffic jams are!


From Boots


'Collaborative project for creating a free lexical database in every language, complete with meanings, etymologies, and pronunciations.'

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Yellow Pages (UK)

Electronic Yellow Pages



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