Joan Armatrading

British Film Institute

Films (London) - Time Out

Movie Locations - The Worldwide Guide to Movie Locations

Type in the name of a band and it will show you what's like it.

Official London Theatre

Search for music similar to what you like.

The Singing Kettle
For 'Ye cannae shove yer granny aff a bus' and many other favourites!

Delivered over Telnet!

To buy theatre tickets etc.

Time Out

What's on Stage

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Food and drink

The Curryhouse

Street Sensation
Explore London inc. restaurants and shops virtually street by street.

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Ida Barr
'Music Hall Singer and Hip Hop / Rap Artist Superstar'

TechTales: Tech Room
By Fred Fishkin and Mike Scherfen.

University of Bums on Seats

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Amanye Tenceli

Bletchley Park

Bucks Free Press (e-mail)

Buddhapadipa Temple

Catholic Chaplaincy

'80s Server

'Graphical User Interface gallery'. Very nostalgic!

Hawkin's Bazaar
'The Hawkin Mail Order Catalogue is renowned as an unrivalled source of simple and for the most part old-fashioned presents for children and adults alike.'

NHS Direct Online

The Register
'Biting the hand that feeds IT'

St Mary's

Tokyo University of Foreign Studies

Virtual Norfolk

Walk It
How to get from A to B in e.g. London.


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Last updated 17 April, 2018.